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A Subversion Of The Gothic Classic "The Raven" By Edgar Allen Poe

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Once upon a midnight dreary, soaring through the skies enlivened and freely,I sighted a library, full of quaint and curious volumes of forgotten loreTo beckon the inhabitant, I began tapping,I was gently rapping, rapping at the chamber doorFrom within I hear muttered "Tis some visitor tapping at my chamber door"Twas all I heard, just that, and nothing moreImpatiently, I continued to tap harder, unwilling to lingerFrom within once more, the words came "Sir, or Madam, truly yours forgiveness I implore"The man claimed to be napping, before I began rappingApparently as I was tapping, tapping at his chamber doorNot long after, he heard me and now, he came to ...view middle of the document...

..NevermoreSo once again, I uttered "Nevermore"Without a doubt breaking the tension, relieving myself from his attentionHe wheeled a cushioned seat in front of the chamber doorEngaged in his pondering, ignoring my beingHe began to question, why I had only uttered "Nevermore"Once again he begun staring, staring at the chamber doorObservant I was, in noting his flawI noticed a change in his disposition, showing signs of irritationPatiently I waited for him to stir, staring at the chamber floor"Wretch!" he cried, claiming that God had sent me!The fool believed me to be an apparition, a symbol of something more!Once again he began babbling; babbling of this "lost Lenore"Mocking him furthermore, quoth I "Nevermore"Requesting my parting, he shrieked upstartingImploring that I return to the "Night's Plutonian shore"Instead I remained, ever lingeringAlways mocking him, remaining on the chamber doorHe continued to implore, that I remove myself from his chamber doorSo Quoth I once more..."Nevermore"

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