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A Talk About The Benefits Of Keeping Pets

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A very good morning to you all, ladies and gentlemen. First of all, I wish to express my gratitude to the St. Monica High School Principal, Mrs. Smith for having me here to give a talk today. Now, if you realized, your children are tend to stop at the pet shop and seeing all the animals inside the cage. I am sure that the children would beg their parents to buy a pet for them. Some people love to keep pets at home but some people just don’t or can’t. But personal preferences aside, the scientific and medical literature seems to agree that there are strong benefits to keeping pets at home compared to those who have no pets at all. Well, in this talk, I will talk about some of the benefits of keeping pets at home have on your family and especially your children.
Firstly, having pets at home can surely relieve work and school stress. ...view middle of the document...

Children are likely to learn to care for others while taking care of a pet. Parents, as adults, can always involve your child in helping to feed a pet which should also teach them to take minor responsibilities on care for the well being of another creature. This develops strong and balanced character for your children. Children are particularly fond of pets and it isn’t hard to see why. Pets tend to love their owners without judging them, something a child will find easier to relate when compared with adults.
For disabled children especially, pets can be wonderful social facilitators, which mean a special bond between disabled children and pets. Because animals accept us for who we are, pets give some practice in a social relationship. For example, a child with developmentally disabled never really noticed his surroundings until he saw a dog in front of him and started to pet the dog. The child then eventually began throwing ball and the dog would fetch it and the child sees that was the greatest thing. You can see that pets can be as a catalyst that helped disabled children to learn that there is a world outside and own needs. Apart from that, keeping pets builds a sense of security. Pets are mostly alert to their surroundings and giving us the signal of danger by making noises therefore increase our personal sense of security.
Obviously, there are some of the most obvious health benefits that come from caring a pet at home. But, I would urge you, the parents, not to consider a pet purely for your own personal benefits because a lot of attention ad responsibility is needed to properly care for another creature. Make sure that no one at home is allergic to the pet. Nevertheless, I think that the rewards of pet ownership greatly overshadow the challenges. Lastly, I encourage anyone, who has seriously considered getting a pet, to take the plunge. Thank you for your attention.

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