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A Theatre Review Of ‘Twelfth Night’ By Propeller

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A Theatre review of ‘Twelfth Night’ by Propeller

On the 13th of November 2012 my school drama group went to watch ‘Twelfth Night’ by Propeller in the Yvonne Arnaud in Guildford. The plot of ‘Twelfth Night’ is that at the start of the play Propeller started when the play with a ship wreck that separates Viola and Sebastian. Then after that we see that Count Orsino proposes to Lady Olivia but she is in mourning and that she does not want to marry anyone for 7 years. Then there is a love triangle as Count Orsino loves Lady Olivia, Viola/ Cesario loves Count Orsino and Lady Olivia loves Cesario. Then we meet Malvolio, Sir Toby Belch, Maria and Sir Andrew Aguecheek. Sir Toby Belch and Andrew ...view middle of the document...

The director of the ‘Twelfth Night’ Edward Hall wanted to try and make the audience focus on the sub plot as it is more interesting. In the play he displayed a range of emotions. He used darkness for example in the prison scene he used a very dark light on Malvolio to show that he has been humiliated. Edward Hall uses a set design to show the plays main themes. He creates a dream like atmosphere he does this by many different ways. An example of this is the giant wardrobes that the characters walk in and out of. He makes them create the effect that they are used as doors, but they were not, they were giant wardrobes. He uses the wardrobes to make a dream like effect. Propeller made ‘Twelfth Night’ a very visual production for example at the start of the play they used many movements to show the brothers are becoming separated. Edward Hall decided to make the set very symbolic. For example he uses the mirrors on the wardrobes. He does this so that the characters have the reflection of themselves asking: who are they? What are you? Edward Hall makes all of the characters apart from Sir Toby Belch wear dark clothing. He uses many shades of grey. The chandelier is a symbolism of the set, it could represent an anchor of the boat at the start of the play, when it is lifted from the ground it represents there free. Also the fallen chandelier could represent how out of light they are. They are lost. Hall uses a very dark colour scheme. He uses the shade of grey, this takes us into a very shadowy world where things are not what they seem.

Propeller used a very somber set. At the start propeller have the funeral and they keep the coffin on the stage for most of the first act. This is a visual reminder for us on the darkness of the play. Propeller use the cyclorama and propeller put stormy, grey clouds on the it top show that it will never be lighter and will stay dark throughout the play. In the set propeller use many shades of grey to show the hate in the play. In the lighting they used many special effects for example in the prison Propeller used one spot light to light up Malvolio and a light on Feste and Sir Toby. Propeller used minimal lighting to show that Malvolio was in prison and to show that Malvolio had been completely humiliated. Propellers also in the play they use live music in the performance. They had music- from a live band but propeller also used many household objects for example brandy glass in the scene with Sir Toby, Feste and Andrew Aguecheek. Propeller also recreated sound effects for example in the eavesdropping scene, where there were birds flying overhead and then the actors playing the statues played a birdsong. Also the humming and the chanting creates and atmosphere that underscores the action.

Propeller dressed very sombrely and formerly and this gave propeller unity and company identity for example in the funeral scene the masked characters were watching. This gave propeller timing and unity. ‘Twelfth Night’...

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