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A Theoretical And Historical Comparison Debate Paper On The Beliefs And Perceptions

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Belief in witchcraft or following its practices have problematic outcomes on those living within a society that does not accept witchcraft beliefs, nor does it view witchcraft as something beyond its negative stigmas that were created by accusations. For anthropologists such as Evans-Pritchard, witchcraft became a way to theorize how witchcraft creates a formal function within a society, rather than it simply being a belief of how the universe works. Evans-Pritchard's work influenced many stigmas that surround witchcraft from the 1920s to now, by insinuating that witchcraft in the Azande context is an irrational form of thought due to their "primitive" culture. To Evans-Pritchard, witchcraft ...view middle of the document...

Once society realizes that Neopaganism and its sects are not negative beliefs or practices, one can then see that many of the ideas and definitions made by anthropologists such as Evans-Pritchard and society do not properly define nor accept different religions and beliefs. Yet, despite all the Neopagan followers who try to change society's mentality, there are still many witch trials that occur in countries around the world, simply because it is not understood by others and witchcraft becomes an escape from diseases such as HIV/AIDS. The main concern society has about witchcraft is seen as being able to cause harm, rather than seeing its overall effectiveness on an object, person or entity. Many shunned witchcraft, and only saw it as something positive if they needed help with a supernatural force. In Africa today, many people accused of witchcraft are killed simply because they are believed to have created it and because vaccines and treatment are not available to everyone. Witchcraft today has expanded all over the world, and are often portrayed as revivals of a pre-Christian religion from Europe that was forgotten by society. It involves the use of herbs, spells, and prayers to call the goddesses from the Heavens to help aid in fixing a problem or health issue. This ranges throughout all sects of Neopaganism such as Voodoo, Hoodoo, Santeria, Shamanism, Wicca and Folk healing. Neopaganism is a form of religious practice that deserves the same equal rights as other religions in the world. Neopagans should not continue to be killed and blamed for natural disasters and deadly world viruses but...

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