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We were only ten years old at the time. Katie and I were only little kids. My older sister Laurie and Kevin had only been married a couple of years. Whenever Kevin was around, Katie was sure to follow. In my eyes, she loved him like an older brother she never had. In Katie's mind, it was a much deeper love, more than anyone could fathom.One late Saturday afternoon I answered the phone, it was some man asking for my mom. My mom talked to him for a few minutes and then hung up. She told me that Katie had been caught shoplifting. Here we were, fourteen years old and Katie got caught stealing some make up from some store. Not only was she stealing but, was always fighting with my parents. Being fourteen myself, I wrote it off as typical teenage rebellion. I was soon going to find out how deep her ocean of pain really was.By the way, ...view middle of the document...

In her room she had much time to reflect on her wrongful ways. Also, she had time to reflect on things from the past, she just couldn't get out of her head. The pain she had been dealing with up until that day just boiled over, like a hot cauldron of the filthiest mixture that any witch could brew.Katie yelled down for my mom to come upstairs and talk to her. That's when our whole families life took a downward spiral. Katie had confided in my mom that Kevin had raped her starting when she was ten until she was thirteen years old. That bastard, such a monster, a sick demon, and I never knew it had taken place. All of her acting out started to makes sense to everyone. I was her only brother and I wasn't there to protect her. She had held it for so long because he told her that he loved her and it was something normal, that people that love each other do. He took advantage of a trust and the love that Katie shared with everyone.Like all detours and bumpy roads we face in time, life moves on. We are now twenty five years old and closer than ever. We share so much in common now like we did when were five years old. We are both married with beautiful and wonderful children. The real bond that brought us closer together again is our love for our country. We are both Airman in the greatest Air Force in the whole world, protectors of freedom.In my mind we are successful adults now, so rich in spirit and the love our family shares with each other. No matter the odds stacked against us, we will conquer anything. Family and love is all we need. Katie has a loving husband who will always keep her safe. She also has her twin brother, who is a grown man, who will always be there for her. For the rest of my life, I will protect her, love her, and remind her of the pride I feel towards her. As long as my heart keeps beating, nobody will hurt my family again.

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