A Time When I Celebrated Christmas With My Family

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Tweet! Tweet! Tweet! The birds were singing sweetly outside my house. I was awake by them. Suddenly, the door opened. My father came into my room and said excitedly, “Guess what's your present for this Christmas? It’s a trip to Korea!” I was pleasantly surprised and elated at the same time because I had never been to South Korea! My father continued,” This is a reward for your achievement in your final year exam!" I was as happy as a lark and pleased when I heard that. I had never expected a trip to South Korea as a reward though!

After a week, my family and I finally boarded the plane and found the seat very comfortable! Soon, the plane took off and up we went! Looking at the view through the window beside ...view middle of the document...

She led us to the tour bus. After all the tourists had boarded the bus, the bus driver soon started its engine.

The following day, the tour guide made the morning call but we were already awake before that. We brushed our teeth and took our showers to start the day. We went down to the lobby and waited for the others. The tour guide told us to go to the restaurant to have our breakfast. We had a Korean cuisine breakfast unlike the other buffet in other hotels. I was quite surprised when I saw the food. After we had the delicious meal, we boarded the tour bus to start visiting the various attractions in the city.

"Yeah! Finally Christmas is here!" I shouted happily when I woke up the following day. Everybody woke up when they heard me shout. My brother started scolding me but I just ignored him because it was Christmas. Suddenly, I noticed that it was snowing outside. Is it real? I thought. Then, my sister shouted in surprise:" Oh my! It is snowing!" We were so thrilled and excited because we had never seen snow before. After getting us suitably attired, we quickly went out of the hotel and took pictures of us playing with the snow. Our tour guide told us that we were lucky to see the snow because the last tour group had prayed to see snow but they were disappointed. However, there was no roasted turkey this Christmas. It was only the korean cuisine and chicken ginseng soup but it was delicious. This Christmas was very special because I had tasted many different foods and it was special.

I felt reluctant to leave because our time in South Korea had come to an end. On the other hand, I was enthralled and captivated. I had learnt a lot of things in this trip. I wish and hope to return one day.

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