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A Tracer Study Prosoasa Essay

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Chapter 1
A nation’s economy runs on the knowledge and skills of its people. The requirements for skills evolve with external investment, technological advances and globalization. To keep pace with changes, people need to acquire skills to be productive and earn a living and all of these can be achieved through education.
Education is the most important mechanism for the empowerment of people for their socio-economic, political, and technological development. The learning environment of higher education institutions must take cognizance of this in structuring their course programs. For the purpose of quality assurance of course programs, ...view middle of the document...

With the steady increase in the number of college graduates, employment opportunities for students have become very competitive. Most universities have the policy to strengthen existing linkages and to create new bridges with the world of work.
In line with the mission of University of La Salette, one of the institutions that offer high standard quality education that makes every student competent in every aspect not only domestically but also globally, recognized for its commitment to innovative programs in addressing society’s challenges, the College of Hotel and Restaurant Management will evaluate how its graduates have paired in their employment scene after graduation.
This tracer study will be taken to have in mind the period when a certain institution of learning conducts consistent intervals of time to expose into the field and
follow their past graduates to find out what trainings do they have received and learned from them, how best they think the institution who trained them will be able to help them be fit and qualified from their acquired knowledge and abilities through the new trends and innovations of the new courses program that includes the school-based professional development to live up to the expectation of the continuously developing technological and scientific working environment and employment demands.
So in this, it is necessary for every institution that provides trainings to have a useful and functional tracer study.
In general, tracer study is a field based study action research activity and it is a study to trace graduates of higher education institute through a reliable and dynamic system in order to determine this path of movement. It is used to the impact of the assistance to project beneficiaries in terms of employment rate and skills utilization rate (National Statistical Coordination Board). Information to be generated include employment rate absorption, competency and skills utilization rate, income levels, average lengths of jobs search, course for which graduates have better landed jobs, reasons for unemployment, and not joining the labor force. Tracer study constitute one form of empirical study which can be considered as appropriate means of evaluating he results of the education and training provided at a given institution.
Therefore, the researchers will come up a good and well-furnished output to help the institution particularly the Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management students for them to be globally competitive and skillful in the world of Hospitality industry.
Background of the Study
The University of La Salette is a Catholic Institution with a high standard education located in Santiago City, Isabela, Philippines. It is known for being one of the top performing schools in the region. It was founded by the Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette on June, 1951.
Upon the arrival of the missionaries, they started opening schools with high institution of...

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