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A Trip In The Forst Essay

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A Trip in the Frost

In the early morning, the sun is shining in the forest. It is beautiful. Different trees are standing straight under the sun and the light falls across the leaves onto the ground. The murmuring water runs down a rocky hill.

A girl is walking by the creek, alone in the forest and she hears birds singing in the trees. A bird twitters very loudly. The chirping reminds her of the morning when her mother usually gently wakes her up. Suddenly, the wind begins howling; she is only wearing pajamas and feels cold. Timid and fearful, she just wants to be someplace safe and have some hot chocolate to warm her up.

At the same time, the fresh air makes her excited and ...view middle of the document...

Ducks and swans are playing on the lake, just in front of the mountains. The lake is clean, with colourful pebbles under the water like red dazzling rubies, shimmering. Everything is quiet and peaceful.

There is a tiny curved path on the right. The girl decides to keep going because she is full of courage and wants to use the key. The unknown house, the mysterious forest and every single other thing here is weird.

The shadowy pine trees, standing on either side of the rough path, whisper to her. Listening to the trees, she walks to a huge purple castle. She trembles a little, since the castle is old, dark, chilly and gloomy. The shaky window shutters rattle on the outside and a rat runs out squeaking.

The girl notices the cold, metal door knob with a dull brass lock. Emboldened, she takes out the dazzling key she found earlier, and uses it to open the lock.
The creaking cold door crashes as the girl creeps though silently like a mouse. Her throat tightens at the thick dust floating in the air.

Sunlight slips through the cracked boards and covers on the windows, illuminating the picture of a hunted deer on the colorfully tiled floor. The polished light comes out from the half broken stairs in front of her. She carefully dumbly ascends on each one of the dirty steps until she arrives at the next floor.

The glaring light stops the girl suddenly. She softly scampers to the door and peeks at the blinding light though the wooden door chink.

A crazy-looking blue elf is sitting on a furry, cobwebbed armchair, eating parts of a rancid, over-ripe deer. Aaaam. The girl starts to scream; but, she puts her hand over her tiny mouth instead. Don’t notice me! Please! Don’t see me. She hopes she will be safe soon

Unfortunately, she is too late; a screech escapes and reaches the elf’s ear. He tosses the rotten deer meet away immediately and wipes...

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