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A Turning Point Essay

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A Turning-Point
When I was born twenty one years ago, God put me in a little country called Vietnam, and he gave me a family. I got a name, and it sounded like an animal, so I got my nick name “Turtle”. When I started going to school, my nick name was known and laughed at (most of children have the same situation when they have this name), and I really hated it. However, people only laughed on my back because my father was the school principal, and he got his power over there; then, I was a “turtle” in the “shell” which was held by my father. I meant my father took care of everything like I was always newborn. Eighteen years in the “shell” turned me into a real turtle. I ...view middle of the document...

Since I came to the United States, there were many things have changed but one thing, I cannot study in a quiet area. This habit has followed me since I was a little child, any time I want to pay my attention to something such as studying I need to have my TV or anything plays sound loudly around me to keep me awake and keep my brain working. Second year, I decided to quit my part-time job at the restaurant because I was too tired to work roughly twenty eight hours totally at the weekend for only $250. I heard that MtSAC had work study for student, I would like to apply for that, but I thought my English was not good enough to communicate well with people, so I did not feel confident to apply for a college opportunity like those. However, this year, when I renewed my financial aid, I checked the work study opportunity box. I hope I can get one because it would be really helpful for my English improvement and also increase my confidence to communicate with other people. This year is my third year living and studying tin this country, and the first two years helped me earn many useful experiences, especially in school. First, before getting classes, go to a professor rating web page to see which professor will be perfect for me, or I can ask my friends if they have met any really good professor. This effects me really much because I need the right professor to fit my learning way, so I will not have much pressure to adjust myself in a new way....

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