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Hispanics or Latinos in America are not just an individual group. Instead they should be viewed as a variety of groups that contain different religious beliefs, political views, familial, and many other practices and beliefs that make each group unique. In the next couple of paragraphs you will see how each culture yet similar in many ways are also different.
Mexican Americans
Mexican-Americans have lived within the states for a very long time. As stated by The Regents of The University of California, (2007) “Between 1900 and 1930, about 1,000,000 immigrants from Mexico entered this country (¶ 4)”. Mexican-Americans first began entering into the states as an invited source of cheap ...view middle of the document...

As stated by Wikipedia, (2008) “Over the past hundred years Mexican Americans have campaigned for voting rights, stood against educational and employment discrimination and stood for economic and social advancements” (¶ 11).
Puerto Ricans
Puerto Ricans have been citizens of the United States since 1917 in regards to the Jones Act, with an estimated number close to 4 million currently living within the states (Wikipedia, 2007). Puerto Ricans in contrast to Mexican-Americans are very proficient in both the languages of Spanish and English, making their lives within the states a lot easier (Franklin, 2006).
Puerto Ricans like other groups, have faced many challenges in both education and job success. The Puerto Rican community has been characterized in the past as being largely poor and part of the urban underclass within the United States (Wikipedia, 2007).
Puerto Ricans values concerning family and religious beliefs are similar yet different to those of other Hispanic groups. According to Franklin, (2006) Puerto Rican families tend to be headed by mostly woman and their religious beliefs can vary from Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, Muslim, or any other of the world’s religions.
Puerto Ricans have always had an advantage in politics compared to their other counterparts, due to their immediate citizenship in 1917. Puerto Ricans have had great success in New York electing members of their community into roles of political standing. Puerto Ricans also have the luxury of being immediate citizens of the United States, a luxury many other Hispanics do not have.
Cuban Americans
Cuban immigration to the United States has a long history which can be traced back as far as the year 1565 (Wikipedia, 2007). According to Franklin, (2006) “The Cuban Americans have come to the United States and gave up many of their traditions, and through assimilation, they have made a better life for themselves” (pg.3 ¶ 3). Cuban Americans opposed to many other Hispanic cultures have reached great success here in the states when it comes to economical and social statuses. Cuban Americans have become an accepted part of Florida and are known to be hard working and a positive aspect to their communities.
Cuban American religious beliefs are similar to those of the Mexican-Americans. According to Wikipedia, (2007) “Most Cuban Americans are Roman Catholic, but some Cubans practice the African Traditional Religions, which evolved from mixing the catholic religion with the traditional African religion (¶ 21).
The language of Cuban Americans is a mixture of both Spanish and English. When asked in 1990 Cuban Americans said that they could speak English and Spanish equally or English better then Spanish (Buffington, 2006).
Cuban Americans like other Hispanic cultures have very strong family beliefs. Cuban Americans believe that family is the center of who they are as a whole, and that blood will always be thicker than water.
Dominican Americans

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