A Victim Of Despair Essay

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A Victim of Despair

How many of you have read or heard the story of Frankenstein? I'm sure
some of you may remember reading Mary Shelly's novel or watching one of
the many versions of the movie.Have you ever noticed that most of the stories
about Frankenstein are shown only through Victor Frankenstein's experiences?
What about the monster he created? Have you ever wondered what the monster's
side of the story was? Well, you're in for a big surprise because tonight on
Novel News, the monster that Victor Frankenstein created will be here to share
his side of the story. Let's welcome our guest, Mr. Monster. How does your
story go?

It was not long ago on a cold November ...view middle of the document...

I was the monster in the mirror. I don't know what to say but at first
I thought I was having a bad everything day - you know bad hair and skin.
The yellowish tone in my skin made me look somewhat dead. I was so embarrassed
by my presence, I was afraid to scare off whoever came near.

Just as I finished glancing at myself in the mirror a man walked in my
direction. I did not know who he was but for some odd reason I felt drawn to
him as if he were my father. At first he walked towards me with great
astonishment but as he got closer his look of curiosity transformed into the
look of disgust and horror. The man started to yell out " What have I done?
What have I done?". He took one glance at me and began to run. I had no idea
what he had done, but it infuriated me to see him run off without having the
slightest decency to say hello.

Fury filled my body. I had felt drawn to this man and was rejected without
receiving a chance to say a word. Anger surrounded me. All I wanted to do was
smash something, anything. (I guess you can say that I need to take a couple
of anger controlling classes) I was in a state of rage so I began to pace the
chamber while knocking things over. During my rampage I came across the man's
overcoat. Inside the coat I found a book entitled "The Journal of Victor
Frankenstein". I was curious to read the book. The book went on for many
pages talking about Victor's strong desires to create a living individual out
of raw lifeless materials. There were sketches in the book that showed the
different stages of his project, most of which resembled me and the strange man
that had previously ran out the door. Coincidentally the sketches and I
shared the same scars, face and body. Just then I realized that I was the
product of Victor Frankenstein's strong desires.

Everything began to fall into place.The many scars covering my limbs
were there because Victor took various pieces of raw materials to create
me. My arms and legs felt stronger than usual because they were new and
improved, Victor gave me new body parts. The bond that I felt between he and I
was also explained. It was with his two hands that I was created; therefore I
felt that he was a part of me. I was saddened to see that my father figure
would walk out on me.

A sense of sorrow came over me. I couldn't understand why he would leave.
I thought to myself, was I so monstrous that he could not bear a glance? It
was Victor who created me in a monstrous way. He could have made me a little
more attractive. Why did Victor create me? What was his purpose? Was it for
mankind or was it for his own selfish desires to create something new?
Thousands of questions filled my mind, or rather the mind that Victor
implanted in me. My thoughts and feelings were compressed into a body
that was on lease.This body wasn't mine. It didn't belong to me. I felt I
had no control over my behavior or appearance, and above all - I...

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