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A Well Regulated Militia By Saul Cornell

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United States is a country that has problems with gun control, and this issue has many debates between whether or not people should be allowed to carry a gun on them. This free county not only for speech and religion, but also allows people to have the right to bear arms. The Second Amendment of the United States was written by our Founding Fathers,“A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” (Government). The main purpose of the Second Amendment when our Founding Fathers wrote this amendment was to help the American citizens to defend themselves from the government at that time, and other ...view middle of the document...

People believed that “the right to bear arms is the natural right of resistance and self-preservation, when the sanction of society and laws are found insufficient to restrain the violence of oppression”. On the opposite hand, many states at the time believed that to give the people the right to own a gun was unconstitutional because it could be a threat for the state government when everyone was allowed to own guns. Majority of states in America did not want to add the right to bear arms into their state constitution, because there was not a single legal model emerged on how to protect them in the first constitutions drafted by our Founding Fathers. The debate between gun control and non-gun control over the right to bear arms alarmed America. The gun control claimed that the right to bear arms is the basic right that people should have in order for American citizens to defense themselves and for their state.; They believed that the laws prohibiting individuals from carrying firearms only work for the benefit of criminals. On the opposite hand, anti-gun controllers believed that those gun owners should be led by gentlemen of the first fortune and character, because the society without the guidance of gentlemen, those gun controllers’ population might easily become a mob and not a well-regulated militia. After reviewing many opinions from both sides as well as the benefits and effectiveness of the rights, the convention agreed and supports the anti-gun controller’s opinion. In result of which focused on a well-regulated militia (Cornell, 14-20).
After the war with the French in the late 17th Century, America was facing with a huge debt. The Government then came up with three ways to reduce the debt, which will led to the three important rebellions such as: Shay’s Rebellion, The Whiskey Rebellion, and Fries’ Rebellion. Shay’s Rebellion was a rebellion of farmers in Massachusetts led by an ex-continental soldier by the name of Shay, those farmers were not happy with those high taxes that they have to pay, and the government kept taking their land if they could not pay those taxes. The second plan was to decrease the amount of debt from the American Revolutionary War, and then this increased the tax of whiskey which leaded to the Whiskey Rebellion. This rebellion was led by farmers in the Monongahela Valley in Western Pennsylvania in 1794, and those farmers fought against the federal government from the tax that was placed on liquor and distilled drinks. In the same way, with two other rebellions, the government needed revenues for the anticipated war with France; they voted a direct federal tax on all real property including land, buildings, and slaves, which then lead into an opposition to a direct federal property tax by farmers in eastern Pennsylvania who was led by John Fries. Over three rebellions, Shay’s rebellion was the most important part of the militia debate because it showed the conflict of the colonies after the revolutionary war,...

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