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A White Heron Essay

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100% (of 9 votes) A white heron ANALYSIS ESSAY Posted by JoanneSTARTRANCE at Dec 13, 11:04 PM Sarah Jewett's "A White Heron" is told in third person omniscient narrative, using positive, exuberant diction such as, "determined," "dawn," "dazzle," "daring," and "spark," to describe a child's determined mind to climb a tree, excited to observe an upcoming dawn from full view. The passage further delves into the dangers of climbing a tree as certain objects hold her back, preventing her from reaching success. The narrator uses a variety of literary terms and descriptions to achieve the picture of the story.Sylvia's (the child) starting climb towards the tree is incredibly easy, as described in the passage, "Sylvia felt her way ...view middle of the document...

Visual imagery is sensed by "paling moonlight," "dark branches," "red squirrel," while tactile imagery is perceived by "wet with dew," and lastly auditory imagery by, "bird fluttered," "squirrel pettishly scolded." In fact, Sylvia's excitement is shown by the narrator's direct characterization as in, "tingling, eager" and the hyperbole of, "reaching up, up, to the sky itself," representing the spirit of mankind in his or her willingness to live and accomplish something. A simile compares Sylvia's hands pinching like bird's claws, showing her indomitable spirit ascending the ladder towards her opponent "“ the tree "“ which is life itself.There is a transition where Sylvia changes trees, representing a change in life. The passage suddenly changes into a harder and challenging period, using repetition of the tree getting taller and taller while "sharp twigs caught and held her," a personification representing the toughness of the obstacles. There is a simile comparing twigs scratching her like angry talons, presenting the difficulty of coming through an obstacle, much like how life can be achieved by winning self. It is a challenge. Repeatedly there are personifications on the tree, such as, "dry twigs holding her," and "tree growing higher." This is rising action and a transition of life. Sylvia reaching the top shows the climax of the story, showing the success of life (tree).The story began with moonlight and ended with dawn, similar to man's darkness and futility but successfully wins himself with consistent optimism and effort. Through the narrator's exuberance and transitions, the feeling of pessimism into optimism can be felt, making the story a success in showing the ways of life.

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