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A Working, Mechanical Definition Of Art

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It is hard to find a concise definition for the word “art” as it is a broad term that covers many different forms of media. The same parameters used to define music as art may not hold up when describing sculpture. Plastered across the internet, dictionaries and other sources, are broad definitions of art that are not working mechanical definitions which encompass all the different areas. There needs to be specific guidelines so that anyone can divide a random group of objects into art and non art. To portray an accurate definition, it is necessary to divide art into different studio areas. I have divided art into six categories, which will be described in depth. The first two ...view middle of the document...

Still-life two dimensional art is a picture and, like animated art, it can be drawn, painted, printed, or computer generated. Graphic design fits neatly into this category and many of the requirements similar to graphic design concepts. Still-life two dimensional art has to have balance, specifically color and visual balance. The colors should complement each other and help draw attention to the area the artist wants to highlight and detract from the less important areas. Visual balance is the balance of items of visual weight and negative space on either side of the vertical axis of a picture. Symmetry accomplishes this very well, but it is not necessary to be symmetrical to be well balanced. Most importantly, it has to be eye catching, grab your attention and hold it.Three dimensional art is anything with mass and volume. Examples include sculptures, furniture, and other household knickknacks. Three dimensional art, like still-life two dimensional art, requires color and visual balance. Symmetry is a good way to achieve visual balance, however, many items can be asymmetrical and still have balance. The negative space and positive space have to be consistent on either side of an axis. The colors should balance and complement each other and look like they belong together. The contour of the object should be smooth and flowing. It should capture your eye and lead it along from one part of the object to another. If the object is made up of different pieces of material, it needs to look like one piece, like it fits together. The construction should be smooth and the eye should move gently from one piece or area to another without jolts or rough bumps.Architecture is part of a building or structure and can also be the building or structure itself. This category is very similar to three dimensional art, however; architecture is not usually a stand alone object. Most of the time, architecture is part of another object, like a door is part of a house. When talking about the entire house or structure as a whole, architecture differs from three dimensional art in that it always has a distinct purpose. It is a house, bank, or bridge; therefore, it is necessary for it to have its own separate category. Architecture requires symmetry, although it does not have to be exact mirror-image symmetry. As long as there are corresponding forms on each side, it is symmetrical. The contour of the object has to be smooth and connect to each part of the object without causing distractions from the object itself. It should also connect to the structure or building like it belongs there, without looking out of place and glued on. There also has to be appropriate color contrast. On the exterior of buildings, neutral or softer tones are usually more accepted than bright neon colors, while on the interior, the colors can be slightly brighter and even “wild.” The texture of architecture should look intentional and not like it became that way from abuse or...

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