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We use the word `idea` in lots of different contexts: `idea` may describe thoughts and suggestions (It would be an awesome idea to spend the winter holiday in Austria), new concepts (The idea of this website is to help people match their pets) or even opinions and beliefs (My idea is that public transportation remains the best way to travel across the city). However, this wide variety of uses creates a little bit of confusion: if the ideas are so ubiquitous, why, in many cases, it seems so difficult to make them happen?
Cobb, the main character from Inception, has a possible answer. No idea is simple when you need to plant it in somebody else’s mind, he states. Indeed, ...view middle of the document...

Accordingly to the Heaths, the success of any idea is determined by 6 essential attributes: simplicity, the element of surprise, concreteness, credibility, emotions and the story behind.
Simplicity is about finding the core of the idea, stripping it down to its most critical essence. Simple ideas are expressed in short sentences (they are compact), drawing from long experience (core). `Finding the core`, and expressing it in the form of a compact idea, can be enduringly powerful. (Heath: 2007, p. 62). But in order to make your ideas stick, you have to get and keep people's attention: the most basic way to get someone's attention is breaking a pattern, that’s how unexpected ideas work like. At the same time, concreteness is essential. Concrete language helps people, especially novices, understand new concepts. Concrete is memorable and thus concrete ideas are easier to remember. Successful ideas also have to be credible: there are internal and external sources of credibility one can use to drawn on, but details are the most important. However, it is not enough to make people belief, you have to make people care: empathy, associations, self-interest, identities – all these are drivers of emotions determining the success of an idea. Last but not least, the story gives power: it provides simulation (knowledge about how to act) and inspiration (motivation to act).
Today’s world is overcrowded: we have so many options and only 24 hours a day to make choices. Thus, ideas that spread, win (says Seth Godin in...

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