A Young Person's Guide To The Grading System

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“What does the grading system do for learning?” is a doubtful question that Jerry Farber, a professor of English and comparative literature at San Diego State University gives to the readers at the very first paragraph on his article, “A Young Person’s Guide to the Grading System”. For some reasons, he states that grades only focus students attention on the test itself; he suggests that students only push themselves to learn as far as the test is on the way and what they have after taken the test is irrelevant. According to Farber, academic success is something that students’ measure not in knowledge but in grade points; however, grades do not make students want to enrich their minds; they ...view middle of the document...

Regarding to a real life, people spend a lot of time and even do well on many things without being graded, which is related to their hobbies or things they want to learn more to build up their acknowledge. Thirdly, Farber discusses that free to learn sounds good to students; however, it may not suit the society and students may not learn without grading system because they are not used to it.
The “A Young Person Guide to the Grading System” essay originally published in 1970 as a part of Farber’s collection named The Student as Nigger. This essay combines between the two of argument and analysis essay; for instance, the author points out the bad side of grading system and then he argues about it. Also, it is a analysis essay because the text being analyzes with a well statement of the author’s purpose that what grading system does for learning. In this essay, Farber speaks directly to the audience, including students, professors, and parents, and whoever has concerns to this argument.
In this essay, Farber uses common and informal languages with a varied sentence length, and intentional fragments, which is very easy for readers to understand the text. There is a sentence that “Learning happens when you want to know”; it’s a very important statement that the author tries to point out what learning really means; no stress, no force, and no threat in learning. You can learn when you are willing to learn; that is all it matters. More importantly, Farber does not refer to scholarly concepts; instead, he asks questions that invoke to the readers’ personal experience; it makes more successful to catch readers’ attention to the article. Indeed, using a second person point of view helps Farber easy to suggest, argue and instruct to the readers...

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