Aarkstore Indian Smb Web Preference Outlook

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Aarkstore - Indian SMB Web Preference Outlook


The study was entitled to aid Web Service providers with actionable information regarding the feasibility of “Web Services for SMBs in India”. Furthermore it will also help Web Service Providers to make a better business plan in order to tap the underpenetrated SMB market and assess the internet’s broader impact in terms of related consumer habits and the development of Internet ecosystems in SMBs.


The scope of the study aimed at exploring SMB propensities in India with respect to web-based ...view middle of the document...

Forecast Assumptions
c. Indian SME overview
i. Segment Definitions
ii. Industry Trends

2. Executive Summary
a. Abstract
b. Overall Market Size
3. Domain names preference
a. Combination of web domain names
b. Product Use pattern
c. Currently accessed common application on the web browser
d. Current Situation of Web Presence in SME
4. Market Dynamics for adopting a website
a. Drivers
b. Inhibitors and challenges
c. Opportunities
5. Market Trends
a. Online marketing trends of SMEs
b. Market mapping
c. Information Sources
d. Decision making criteria for buying domain names
e. Importance of web developer
f. Market mapping
g. Information Sources
h. Decision making criteria for buying domain names
i. Importance of web developer
6. Buying behaviour trends
a. Buying behaviour over mobile phones
b. Payment methods of SMEs
Factors influencing customer services and customer satisfaction ratings
7. Market Ecosystem and Dynamics
a. Current Status of ICT in SMEs
i. Current Awareness
ii. Current Adoption Level
iii. Usage of ICT
8. Conclusion
a. The Way Forward
b. Case Studies
c. Web Service provider in India
9. Company Profiling
a. Hosting Raja
b. Big Rock
c. Host Gator
d. Net4
e. Web.com
f. Go Daddy
g. Intuit
h. Square Space
10. Abbreviations
11. References


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