Abbreviated Qualitative Research Plan Essay

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Evidence of Quality in Qualitative Research
Quality in qualitative research is an evolving concern as the pursuit of research as per qualitative methodology progresses. Thus to ensure that quality, trustworthiness, and credibility of my research data are of measured standard within the realm of research, a researcher needs to develop reflexive skills towards interrogating prevailing assumptions from the researcher’s perspective and critiquing self in order to eliminates personal influences and biases. However, this would be hinged on some fundamentals criteria that serves as a basis; thus, Tracy (2010) affirmed that eight key markers are associated with quality in qualitative ...view middle of the document...

In other words, in the course of designing the research, interview, site for interview, interview process, and interview transcript, a research plan should have quality as a guiding factor.
A research plan that lacks quality, trustworthiness, and credibility would fail to give the desired research outcome. Patton (2002, p. 552) re-affirmed that three distinct but related elements form the basis of a credible research; these are rigorous methods deployed during the field work, the research’s credibility, and the paradigm with regard to the value of the research inquiry. A tactical implementation of these elements in a qualitative research should enshrine quality, trust, and credibility in the research plan. Albeit, there exist divergent paradigms by value assumption about what is and not worth to investigate within the ambit of a research plan, however, there is need for research to progress on the basis of certain defined criteria while there should also be some reliable...

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