Abnormal Psychology And Therapy Essay

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Abnormal Psychology and Therapy
Stella Cook
April 30, 2012
Sarah Bihms MA Psychology
Psychology 300
University of Phoenix College of Social Science

Abnormal psychology is a field of study that is devoted to the study of mental dysfunction mental illness, psychopathology, maladjustment, and emotional disturbance. Abnormal behavior is expressed because of a psychological factor and can have features of deviance depending on the ...view middle of the document...

There are many factors that are contributed to the abnormality of the brain this may include biological dysfunction, that range from a head injury, poor nutrition, genetics, evolution and or a viral infection. The treatments may include psychotherapy, psychotropic medications, electroconvulsive therapy and or neurosurgery.
The psychodynamic model this theory has an underlying behavior that is determined by an underlying psychological influence that is unconscious, the influence are called forces and the dynamic between the two gives a rise in behavior. The theory has a factor in childhood events and past experiences. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) and Josef Brener (1842-1925) they conducted experiments which put Freud on the path of formulating the theory. The treatment consists of bringing conscious awareness with the traumatic childhood that conflicts childhood memories that have been repressed and making it amenable to a resolution.
The behavior model this theory originated in a lab experiment with learning and where the understanding of conditioning arose. In the operate conditioning humans and animals learn with a reward at the end of the experiment. In classical conditioning Ivan Pavlov (1849-1946) had discovered when he was experimenting on dogs whether positive or negative will create the same response at a later time. In an event that produced a happy feeling and the other event even if it was negative will be remembered as a positive event. Phobias particularly in the behavioral model of the psychopathology suggest that abnormal responses were formed through the conditioning process.
The cognitive model Albert Ellis (1962) and Aaron Beck (1967) developed the cognitive method in the 1960s. The cognitive method was the center of behavior, thought and emotions. The abnormal function of the cognitive theory has been explained by realizing to everyone that creates the view that the world comprises their reality. The treatment involves therapy sessions these helps the patient to realize their beliefs and recognize their behaviors whether good or bad and help them to construct a more rational belief.
The humanistic existential model, the theory for this method is that they are grouped together and focuses on a broad dimensions o human existence. There are differences in human behavior because they are born with positive tendencies for example cooperation. Carl Rogers (1902- 1987) has said that people need to fulfill their need for goodness and growth. The therapy is a warm approach to fulfill the person’s potential for their goodness and growth and their self worth.
The sociocultural model this approach has an abnormal role and is often caused by...

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