Abolishing The Death Penalty Essay

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Abolishing the Death Penalty

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August 31, 2009

Abolishing the Death Penalty
The Death Penalty in America today is a highly debated issue and has been for many years. Could you imagine not having a life threatening consequence at all, such as the death penalty when it comes to criminals that commit very severe crimes? There are many people in the United States today with many different opinions on why the Death Penalty should or shouldn’t be abolished in our Country. I’m one who feels that we should not abolish the Death Penalty; however our Capital Punishment system can be much improved.
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V. just make it seem too easy for a criminal to get out of a Death Penalty sentence. Watching the Law programs on T.V. makes it seem like the old theory of “an eye for an eye” is non existent within our society today.
The old theory of “an eye for an eye” is a theory which was believed in by many people such as one philosopher named Louis P. Pojman who once said, “a fitting punishment for murder is the execution of the murderer” (Waller, B. 2008, p. 254). This may sound a little harsh, but I believe that our Legal system in real life is too soft on criminals who commit severe crimes or malicious acts. If our daily news started reporting about the increasing amounts of criminals who are being sentenced to death, then I bet that U.S. murder rates would steadily decrease. I also agree with Louis P. Pojman when he talks about how if one person kills another human being then the one who committed the murder should have to forfeit his/her rights to live (Waller, B. 2008, p. 254).
I understand that anytime the taking of a person’s life is in question, one must approach the subject with great caution. Although, I may sound a little ruthless as far as sentencing every murderer to death or anyone who commits a very serious crime to death; I do feel that we must be sure without a doubt that the criminal being sentenced to death is the one who committed the crime. I don’t see anything wrong with taking some extra time trying to be sure if the criminal was really the one who committed the crime. I also feel that if a person is found guilty without a doubt, then our legal system should use the death penalty sentence as a more common standard punishment for those who commit severe crimes.
If our legal system actually took more time from the beginning of an arrest gathering all of the proof that they need for a rock solid case before they go to trial, then I believe that a criminal who’s sentenced to death, shouldn’t even be given a right for an appeal. Part of the reason why people talk about how expensive it is to have a criminal on death row is because of the appeal process. I’ve heard that a criminal can be on death row for many, many years. Once a criminal is sentenced to death, after all of the facts have been considered, then I see no need to keep a convicted criminal on death row for too long. Assuming their right for an appeal is taken away, then all we’re doing is wasting the tax payers money the longer the criminal is alive.
The Anti-thesis
Many people disagree with the death penalty and feel that it should be abolished. There are multiple reasons why the death penalty should be abolished within the United States. Some of those reasons are, but not limited to; wrongful convictions, arbitrariness, discrimination against certain races, gender and class (Steffen, L. 1998, p. 939). Unfairness is also another reason because if you compare similar cases with each other you would then see that the criminals aren’t being...

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