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Abortion Essay

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ABORTIONThe safest method for an early surgical abortion is a procedure called vacuum aspiration. Gently suctioning the lining of the uterus and removing all of the tissue of the pregnancy is the procedure to an early termination.Before the abortion, you will be asked to fill a medical history form and other paperwork. A social worker will spend time with you to inform you about the procedure, answer any questions you might have, and obtain a written consent. A number of tests will be done including a blood test that will determine if you are anemic. Two 400mg of ibuprofen and a pill that helps you calm down will be given to you 30 minutes to an hour prior to the procedure.A medical provider ...view middle of the document...

A final check might be done with a spoon-shaped instrument called a curette. An examination of the pregnancy tissue will done to check whether all of the tissues have been removed.After the abortion, you will be relocated to the recovery area for some rest and observation period. You will be given follow-up instructions and set up appointment for a check up in the following 2 weeks. A counselor or nurse will also discuss your birth control plans and give you what you need to do it. After 20-30 minutes and feel comfortable, you may leave. A ride to drive you home is best to be arranged beforehand because you may feel a little weak and drowsy. If you received medication IV sedation for your abortion, you will definitely need someone to drive you home. This medication is given to you after three months of your pregnancy.NORMAL SYMPTOMS AFTER THE ABORTION:Bleeding-·Spotty dark brown·Like a period·Last 1-14 days·Small clots (as large as quarters)·Frequently, there will be no bleeding after a few days. Bleeding may start around the third to sixth day. Bleeding is caused by hormonal changes and may be accompanied by increased cramping and blood clots.·No bleeding at all·Bleeding may start and stopDischarge·Brown-tinged or dark brown to black·MucusNausea·Usually go away within 48 hoursCramps·Cramping is due to the uterine muscle returning to its smaller, non pregnant size·Occasional menstrual-like cramps for the first few days·May increase with increased bleeding particularly on the third to sixth day·Tylenol and ibuprofen every 4 to 6 hours usually will relieve cramps·Ibuprofen will also help slow bleedingTemperature·May fluctuate up to 100 FSYMPTOMS TO CALL A DOCTORBleeding·Heavy bleeding; soaking a full size pad each hour for 3 hours in a rowClotting·Clots are larger than a half dollarDischarge·Foul odor·Pus-likeNausea·If persists for more than 3 daysCramps·Severe cramps that keep you from normal activity·Cramps not relieved from Tylenol of ibuprofen·Constant cramping or painTemperature·Fever greater than 100 F·Chill or shakingAn infection in the uterus and fallopian tubes is most common complication following an abortion. You need to be aware of the signs.·Fever above 100 F·Abdominal pain·Foul-smelling dischargeTo prevent an infection-·Do not put anything in the vagina for 2 weeks (until you had your follow-up exam.)·Do not have vaginal intercourse·Don't douche or use tampons·No swimming or hot tubing·Take showers instead of bathsPOSSIBLE PROBLEMSVacuum aspiration in an early abortion is a very safe procedure. Less than 1 woman in 100 will have a serious complication following the termination. Yet, as with any surgery, they're possible problems that can take place during or after the abortion.·There is a 1 in...

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