Abortion: A Woman Has The Right To Choose

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The right to choose what happens to YOU is an American right that every person should be allotted. Though the First Amendment clearly states that all Americans have the right to freedom of speech, the topic of abortions continues to be challenged. Abortions poses moral and ethically challenges that many Americans ponder over. The major two sides involved in this is heated issue is “Pro-Life” vs. “Pro-Choice”, pro-life being against and pro-choice supporting abortions. This research paper will examine the many different court cases affecting abortions and the two different arguments
What is an Abortion?
“An abortion is the termination of a pregnancy by the removal or expulsion of a fetus ...view middle of the document...

Surgical abortions begin with a pelvic examination. The doctors than administer a pain killer, usually Motrin or Tylenol and an anti-anxiety medication usually Ativan. The surgeon also gives anesthesia via IV injection to numb the cervix. Woman can also choose general anesthesia, where they are put to sleep during the entire operation. This is usually done in hospital settings and can sometimes require an additional fee. Next the cervix is dilated or opened so the vacuum tube can be inserted. The tube is used to suction out the fetus and all its additional contents. The procedure takes anyway between 10 and 15 minutes. Many insurance companies and public aid insurances pay a portion of this procedure.
Medical abortions use medicine to cause a miscarriage. The process consists of three appointments total. On the first visit, the doctor will give Mifepristone; it stops a woman’s body from producing progesterone. Progesterone is a hormone help the fetus to continue to grow and if not present to discontinue a pregnancy. During the second appointment, the doctors administer Misprotosol. These medications promote the contraction of the uterus encouraging the excellent of the fetus and its components ultimately leading to a miscarriage. The third visit with the physician is extremely important because the doctor needs to check the cervix and uterus to make too sure the abortion is complete. Medical abortions can be more expensive than surgical abortions however many insurances cover them.
Women who are thinking about getting an abortion are often uncertain and hesitant about the procedure. She will want information pamphlets about the procedure and a chance to talk about the various feelings she has about the abortion and its effects. Health care professionals need to allow the woman to freely make her decision without force or pressure. It is imperative that the health care professionals recognize their own beliefs about the situation and be sure to not reflect them on the woman.
Roe vs. Wade
In 1969, Norma L. McCorvey was told by her doctors that she was pregnant. She decided that she did not want to keep the baby and that she wanted an abortion. However, in order to obtain an abortion in Texas, where she lived she had to be raped. McCorvey decided to falsely claim that she had been raped however the plan didn’t work; she had no police report on file of the incident. McCorvey decided to take this issue to court, hiring lawyers Linda Coffee and Sarah Weddington. In 1970, they filed a lawsuit against the District Courts of Texas. She no longer claimed that she was raped and therefore wanted to go under the alias of Jane Roe in the trial.
Norma McCorvey won the case, but decided not to continue other lawsuits against the banning of abortions. The courts ruled in favor of McCorvey in reference to the Ninth Amendment; an amendment intended for people who are not listed in the Constitution. They also based their decision on a prior court ruling,...

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