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Abortion: Affects All Parties Essay

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Abortion, it affects all parties
Abortion not only kills but also harms the mother and any children she has in the future. A pregnancy is typically forty weeks and during this entire process a human life is being formed. At four weeks the baby’s spine and brain begin to develop and at five to six weeks the baby’s heart begins to pump blood. During the sixth week the growth process begins to speed up. Facial features as well as arms and legs begin to develop thus the creation of a beautiful life. There are several types of abortion the first is an early abortion that takes place in the first nine weeks which involves taking two different medications which will give the effect of a ...view middle of the document...

(El, 1999) The higher risk of accidents and homicide is caused by an increase in risky behavior. (El, 1999) Many women die within the first week of having an abortion because of infection, embolism, anesthesia , undiagnosed ectopic pregnancies and hemorrhaging. Other complications include Cervical, Ovarian and Liver cancer, which are caused by unnatural interruptions of hormonal changes. Uterine perforation, cervical lacerations, placenta prevail and premature birth and handicapped children in later deliveries.
With that being said women who have abortions are more likely to have premature babies in later pregnancies which can cause brain damage this, can lead to disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy which intern can because physical emotional and intellectual problems that affect the child’s ability to walk talk see hear learn and grow. These complications can sometimes lead to death.
In conclusion when considering an abortion I urge that person to consider all factors possibilities and dangers listed above, consider that it is not just their life they have to think about but innocent little baby’s lives that deserve the opportunity to experience life for themselves. Even if the reason the baby was conceived was rape or accidental or any other hurtful thing that might have taken place. Consider that there are other alternatives out there besides taking an innocent life risking or harming their own and any children they may decide to have in the future. Consider alternatives such as foster care which...

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