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Abortion Ending. Me Inside Essay

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My qualms with Planned Parenthood, are as follows, and very strongly I say, the institution is the careless, disgruntled teenagers answer to eighteen hells. Abortion Day. Abortion Day! Abortion Day at Planned Parenthood, women flock to the waiting rooms as if it were a holiday. The only fight that can be offered for this so called free for all is Christian ethic. Stop me, if this gets carried away,Professor. Stop me, right now. The only reason for abortion is social pathology. Acceptance, yet rejection, two ambivalences that are one in the same here. Women that can disconnect themselves from their bodies, that feel as if they are no longer owners of their own fates, bewilder me. Tell me how ...view middle of the document...

Why allow a baby to go through withdrawls and pain? Is it known that death is the babys predestiny? Who is anyone to determine fate but God alone? Did every human get the chance at life? IS it true that some children are stillborn or that some develop illness into toddler age although unexpectedly live through it? Both are true. Doctors and technology are powerful intercessors between death and life.
The prochoice seems to become offended, and raises voice to make the arguement theirs again. \"Some women do not have the time to take their children to the doctor. Some women do not have the time to reach out and love. Some women have no conception of the object of love itself. Too high ar messed up to think about long term goals of motherhood. Explain that to me. How do you force someone to be something that they refuse to acquiesce to?\" Why do they keep this as a verbal battle between morals and evolution type logic? Do they win over me? Do they win? Realizing that not everyone is Christianized, I still cannot fathom how a person can murder...and murder with the voice of reason.
Planned Parenthood, I watched as the women staggered out of the exam rooms, one with her eyes half closed, dizzy, lost. Did any of the representatives escort her out into the parking lot to make sure that she didnt drive herself home? No. She fell as soon as she reached the outside. Go on, justify it. Justify the emotional torment that will arise in her after the sedatives wear off. Justify that...

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