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Abortion How Can I Impose My Morality On Another?

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Abortion - How can I Impose My Morality on Another?

    "I'm opposed to abortion, but how can I impose my morality on someone else?" This common expression expresses the sentiments of one who wishes to be open to the religious convictions of another on this delicate issue of abortion.


In that statement, replace the word "abortion" with anything else you're opposed to. Like "I'm opposed to racism, but how can I impose my morality on someone else?" or "I'm opposed to rape, but how can I impose my morality on someone else?" Sounds pretty ridiculous, doesn't it? Why can we impose our "morality" on someone when it comes to racism or rape? Because there's someone else involved. ...view middle of the document...

He or she has a completely different genetic code. We know that by the 21st day after conception the baby's heart has begun to beat (Tanner 64). Brain waves are detectable by day 40 (Hamlin 20), and movement also begins around this time (Arey). By eight weeks, when a woman generally discovers she's pregnant, all body systems are present (Hooker). One doctor, operating on an ectopic pregnancy at eight weeks, discovered an "extremely alive," perfectly developed little person, vigorously swimming in his environment with a "natural swimmer's stroke."(Rockwell 11) The preborn child is unmistakably human, unmistakably alive, and unmistakably distinct from the mother.


Does the baby feel pain in an abortion? The pain mechanism has been found to be functioning in the preborn child as early as 45 days after conception. Abortion does cause pain (Noonan 213, Reinis 223-235, Collins 922-923). In the film, "The Silent Scream," an actual first-trimester abortion is seen via ultrasound. The baby can be seen repeatedly moving to dodge the abortionist's suction instrument, and her heart rate doubles. As she is dismembered, her mouth opens in a silent scream. Abortion is violence - against preborn children, and against the women in whose bodies the violence takes place.


What about a woman's right to chose? It is not "choosing" that is ever an issue, but rather what is chosen. Women, like men, have the right to choose many things. We can choose our careers, where we wish to live, whether or not to engage in sexual activity, etc. However, like the racist or the rapist, we have no right to make choices that infringe upon the basic rights of others. An abortion is an act of violence which victimizes another human being, and thus is not a valid "choice."


So what would be wrong with being "personally opposed" to abortion while recognizing the rights of others to choose? Well, why are you opposed to abortion? It must be because abortion takes the life of a preborn child...otherwise, there would be no reason to oppose it. So how can you say "I'm opposed to taking the life of an innocent child,...

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