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Abortion In Society Today Essay

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Kimberly Brenton
PHI-105 21st Century Skills: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
November 18, 2011
Dr. Davenna Williams

There are many views and opinions on abortion. There is not an easy answer for many. I am not that way. I have an opinion on abortion and it is an easy answer for me. I do not believe in abortion, there is a soul attached to that child from the moment of conception. It is not just a thing. It is a whole person; an abortion would be considered murder of a person, not just the disposal of a fetus. . My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.16 Your eyes saw my unformed ...view middle of the document...

Not a fetus or zygote or any other “thing”. It is not a thing, it is a child; a real life child, with a soul and loved by God. The new human zygote has a genetic composition that is absolutely unique to itself, different from any other human that has ever existed, including that of its mother (thus disproving the claim that what is involved in abortion is merely "a woman and her body").(Ruse ESQ, “n.d.”) There are many horrors in the world that result in the life of a child being created. It is hard to see past the horror and see the child as God does; a blessing and worthy to live. There is no shortage of people wanting to adopt. No matter what the circumstance; that child has the right to live. To make a blessing from a tragedy is something God is good at and if the circumstances were viewed that way it might make the healing process a little easier. To focus on the positive whenever possible is a strong way of healing. There is a point of view out there today that abortion is okay if it is not a convenient time to have a baby. This thinking is so wrong on so many levels I do not know where to begin. First, we must take responsibility for our actions. If it is not convenient to have a child abstinence should be your first thought. If it is not and you find yourself in the position of having to choose the life or death of your child, consider it from your child’s point of view. It is not a something; it is a “someone”.
We have taken out the human aspect of this. It is an aspect that should be vital in every decision we make. When we are deciding on abortion, we have to remember what we are really talking about; the life of a child, who has been blessed by God. We as a society are so far off of where we should be. Our thinking has become so “me” based we think we have the right to choose life or death. To be honest, it is not our decision to make. If...

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