Abortion / Morality Debate Essay

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Does the fetus have any moral or legal rights?
One of the most discussed ethical issues is the controversy surrounding abortion. Everyone has an opinion. Many people who voice their opinion do not base it on conversations with people who are opposed to their views or scientific studies. Problem: When does a fetus become a person? Does the fetus have any moral or legal rights?
Supporting Arguments for abortion: Not everything that is immoral is illegal. For instance death by lethal injection, some people may argue it is immoral but it is legal. No women should be forced to carry a child for 9 months then give birth. Children that are a product of an unwanted pregnancy are very likely to be ...view middle of the document...

Neutral arguments: A moderate approach is basically neutral. Moderates feel a line should be drawn dividing the stages during pregnancy when a zygote becomes a fetus (person). If the unborn child has a functioning brain then it is considered a person.
Conclusion: I definitely can not be a part of a conservative group. But, as a Liberal I can not condone abortion without good reason. My first thoughts are 1. If something has to feed off someone in order to exist is it truly alive? 2. Can the fetus feel the pain of being extracted from its mother’s womb? After reading several articles including the “Introduction to a Moderate Position of Abortion” I decided I also am definitely taking the moderate position. But I have changed one of my points of view. In a previous post I stated that the State laws prohibit abortion after the 20th week of pregnancy and that a fetus could possibly survive outside the womb during the 22nd week of pregnancy, which is true but, then I learned at about 8 weeks of pregnancy brain waves are present. If brain waves are present then it is possible for a fetus to feel pain. Therefore I feel it would be moral to terminate before the 8th week of pregnancy. I do not know what the abortion procedure is but, I pray that the pain relievers given to the mother is also passed to the child. I also think it is the woman's choice to terminate if they are raped, for health reasons or if the child will suffer disabling conditions. I feel abortion is a very personal issue. I do not feel people should judge anyone. Women who chose abortion will have to live with the decision for the rest of their lives. They will never forget especially when they do give birth or they are asked by their physicians how many pregnancies they have had and the results of each pregnancy. Women who had abortions need support and understanding not criticism.

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