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Abortion Philosophy Paper

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Alexia Rodriguez
Making the Ultimate Choice
With the evolving moral standards of society, abortions are becoming more and more justified. Abortion, the practice of removing a fertilized egg from a mother, has become a controversial issue in American society, but should be generally supported because of women’s rights, religious and personal beliefs should not interfere with government and laws, in case of rape or incest, abortion is a safe medical procedure, and even with responsible use of contraceptives unwanted pregnancies still occurs.
A woman's right to choose abortion is a fundamental right recognized by the US Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade since Jan. 22, ...view middle of the document...

The impact of religion on abortion views boils down to the issue of whether the deliberate abortion of a fetus amounts to the killing of a human being. Since killing a human being is considered, in most cases, not only a religious sin, but also a secular crime, this issue evolves to that of when the fetus becomes a human being. While some sort of biological life obviously begins with conception, many do not consider the fertilized egg a human being. Amendment number one in our constitution states that congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. Any kind of law made in reference to the religious beliefs of those who are considered “pro-life” would go against the freedom to express the beliefs of others who don’t feel the same way. The changing or creation of any kind of law based on religious ideology or personal beliefs should not in any form be a foundation in the United States not only because of how much effort our constitution emphasizes on our personal and civil rights but because a women shouldn’t be forced to have a child based on a certain group or even entire country’s belief.
It is argued that in tragic such as rape and incest cases the great value of the mental health of a woman who becomes pregnant as a result of rape or incest can best be safe-guarded by abortion. This being that a pregnancy caused by rape or incest is the result of a grave injustice and the victim should not be obliged to carry the fetus to viability. This would keep reminding her for nine months of the violence committed against her and would just increase her mental anguish. It is reasoned that the value of the woman's mental health is greater value and should be
Rodriguez 3
taken into consideration. Some women feel that in these difficult situations they should have a right to decide based on their emotions and feelings towards carrying a baby. For many it causes hatred and resentment feelings towards the pregnancy and may cause more emotional and abusive damage to the child.
Since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, abortion has become one of the safest medical procedures in the country. By keeping abortion legal, we help protect the lives and safety of women facing unplanned pregnancies. While anti-abortion activists frequently claim that abortions are unsafe, in fact both surgical and medical abortion have extremely high rates of safety. 97% of women obtaining surgical abortion before 13 weeks report no complications; 2.5% have minor complications that can be handled at the medical office or abortion facility; and less than 0.5% have more serious complications that require some additional surgical procedure and/or hospitalization. Rates of adverse events for medical abortion are also very low. In the back alley days of unsafe abortion in America before Roe v. Wade, the estimates of illegal abortions ranged as high as 1.2 million per year, 1 although, of course, no accurate...

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