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Abortion Should Be Illegal Essay

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" ABORTION SHOULD BE ILLEGAL" Abortion is the violent distruction of a human being's life from conception on up to birth. How could such a civilized, modern, human rights oriented country condone such an act? Who are we to say when it's alright to take someone's life? Abortion should be illegal! First of all, if u don't want to get pregnant and you choose to put yourself in a position where you can, then you need to take responsibility for your own actions. There are all types of easy birth control methods that effectively prevent pregnancy such as the pill, a shot, and condoms. And if by chance you do get pregnant and feel you're in no position to take care of a baby; there's always people that want ...view middle of the document...

"Without question, all of this is a dreadfully painful experience for any infant subjected to such a procedure," statement by Professor Robert White. Millions of innocent babies are legally murdered each year, because "The Supreme Court" says you can choose to have an abortion for any reason at anytime right up through the ninth month. There is no doubt about it; it's a human life and when someone destroys that life, its murder.Not many people know the harsh facts about abortion and how it works. There are many different ways of terminating the baby. One being, Methotrexate Injection which is injected and begins to attack the cells surrounding the baby; depriving it of food and oxygen. Another is Urea Injection (salt poisoning) where they remove 50 to 250 ml. Of amniotic fluid and replace it with concentrated salt that burns away and deteriates the baby's skin. You'll go into labor and deliver a dead burnt baby.There's also the vacuum aspiration where the baby is partially removed from the womb and a sharp object is inserted into the back of its head, and then the brains are extracted. Then there is also the pill called RU-486, which desolves the lining of the uterus, killing the baby and then expelling it. All of these procedures are barbaric and painful to the unsuspecting child.While writing this paper and researching abortion, I found that it was difficult finding the hard facts of abortion.You hear a lot of information about women rights and how safe the whole process is to them, but what about morals and the violent distruction of another being's life. Do we fail to acknowledge what we don't want to hear? We as people make excuses to justify our actions. Abortion is wrong in every way and should be illegal.

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