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Abortion Speech Legal Studies

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To reform, is to alter something, therefore law reforms are implemented to perfect an existing laws faults. The main reasons for laws to be reformed are the failure of existing laws, the changing concepts of justice such as the common view of the people and new technology. In 2008, the law regarding the legality of abortions was reformed from the previous legislation in 1958.

The law for abortions differs in each state of Australia; however it is not completely illegal in any state, due to the law reform that took place in 2008. This reform altered the crimes act 1958’s stance on the legality of abortions and the appropriate punishments. The new act would make it legal to have an ...view middle of the document...

The laws regarding abortion from the Crimes Act of 1958, were regarded as being out of date, this was due to the evolving views of the community. In 2007, a federal election was conducted which concluded that 57% of Australians support abortions, to twenty years earlier when only 38% of Australians supported abortions. Today one in three Australian women will undertake an abortion in their lifetime, this is an example of how easy abortions are to access today. Innovations in technology, have allowed abortions to be performed easier and quicker than that of previous years.
When altering a law there are many factors that have to be considered. The Victorian law reform commission analysed the alterations that needed to take place, to mend the faults in the previous law; abortions were then decriminalised in the state of Victoria. The New South Wales and Victorian parliament also produced reports regarding the laws of abortion.
The Victorian law reform commission issued some significant changes to the previous legislation regarding the legality of abortions. The Victorian Law Reform Commission recommended that sections 5, 10, 65 and 66 of the Crimes act that outlined the law on abortions be altered, and some of the definitions are changed, to be more specific. The commission also recommended that women should not have to seek counselling, and that it was acceptable that the women should be able to perform, or attempt to perform...

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