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Abortions Essay

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Abortions and Forced Abortions in China
Many people were forced to have abortions in China due to their government trying to maintain the growth of their population. This policy prohibits some families from having more than one child, if the first child is a girl you may have a second child. Although, “forced abortions are considered an acceptable way of enforcing China’s population limits, but are banned when the woman is more than five months pregnant.” (Tang. 2014) China’s government is serious about the policy even if that means telling women how many children they are allowed to have and enforcing it by abortions, forced sterilizations, and infanticide. Women who get pregnant without permission will still be dragged from their homes to ...view middle of the document...

He then goes on to say “if abortion is considered murder, why are people doing it”?
Abortions in the United States are by each and every individuals decision it is never forced although in china unmarried women are forced by law to get an abortion because their government does not recognize unmarried girls or women. Families are to sign agreements in which that agreement states that they understand their limit to how many children they can have, but can not even have that child which they signed for until the government releases their quotas. Is it right for them to snatch a baby out of a woman without her having a choice, regardless of the policy? Many women have not had the chance to even be grateful or excited to have a little one growing in their belly, instead they have to worry and be sad because they know the little life inside growing will soon come to an end before they could ever meet, due to their government. Life is precious and having the chance to be responsible for someone else’s life is wonderful but not being able to protect that life that an individual is supposedly supposed to be responsible of can make someone feel like a horrible person. Basically if the enforcers don’t show and prove that they are serious, they feel as though the policy won’t be taken serious or enforced. Many women agree that it is wrong and unfair and the government shouldn’t have any say so in how many children a family may have. The author is very opinionated and concerned for the individuals who have to face this unfair policy in China.

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