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About A Boy Essay

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About A Boy

Marcus realised that friends are important in his life and he started to make friends. At first, he detested his classmates and did not make friends with them. He felt that his classmates were unkind and unfriendly. All they did was to make fun of him and laugh at him. They did not try to understand him and they amused themselves with him, laughing at his clothing and so on. Hence, he tends to shy away from them and he would rather be alone. He felt that he did not want to live with others as all they did was to make life miserable for him. However, after meeting Ellie, his view changed. He realised that he wanted to be with her all the time and he wanted to tell her his ...view middle of the document...

At first he believed that living with others would make him unhappy. He was extremely against the idea of having children or having any permanent relationship. Having children and a family meant that he would have to take care of them, to make sure they have food to eat, cloths to wear and so on. He wanted to be free and not tied down by the responsibility that comes with relationship. He wanted to live alone and depend on himself instead of others. Looking after others is troublesome. He needed to care about others, be aware of their feelings and so on. To Will, this is a burden. He could not do what he pleases. Hence he felt that living with others would only make life complicated and miserable. Thus, other people were not a permanent part of his life and he made sure that it stayed this way.
However, after his involvement with Marcus, Will felt that he could try caring about others. He had never done anything useful but he wanted to help, he wanted to be in peoples’ lives. He realizes that having people in his life was not so bad and some bonding and interaction could be heart-warming. He found being with others not as troublesome as he deemed and it was almost fun. He sensed that as a fellow human being, he could not shrug off all responsibility and he should be more open to others and be a responsible man.
I think that it is better to be connected to other people. We live in a society, not alone. We interact with people everyday and hence it is necessary for living in this world. No matter in work, during school, there are people all around us. Even though there are some unkind and unsavory people who we rather not get to know, it feels good to be with friends, to talk about things that we like, or perhaps just what happened in school. We can share our feelings, our troubles. We will...

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