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About Grains Peeling Machine Of The Type Described In Detail

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About Grains Peeling Machine of The Type Described in Detail

Our company had researched and developed six model Grain Peeling Machine Types, following is introduction in detail.

MTPZ-8×3 multifunctional compound peeling machine is one of the Grain Peeling Machine Types and main used in various grains peeling, degerming and polishing. It can process grains into peeled kernels once. MTPZ-8×3 multifunctional compound peeling machine can be used as the supporting equipment for our other grain peeling machine type.

MTPS Series Oat Peeling Machine is one of the grain peeling machine types and used as the supporting equipment in oat processing technology or as the single equipment. Oat peeling machine has the outstanding features of high yield and low breakage rate. MTPS oat peeling and awn removing ...view middle of the document...

Then the material is conveyed to the outlet of the equipment and the peeling process is finished.

MTPS18B chickpea peeling machine is one of the grain peeling machine types and mainly composed of fittings of base frame, main shaft, charging regulation device, charging hopper, channel, air blower parts, cyclone parts, protective cover, propelling chamber, instrument, pressure door, guide cylinder, upper and lower beams, motor base, sieve plate, bearing base, motor, belt.
First, chickpeas are sent to the propelling chamber through charging regulation device where the spiral pusher conveys them to emery roll whose sharp appearance cuts the bran with some speed, making the corn particles rub against the sieve plate, so as to peel the materials. The outlet is equipped with air suction inlet to further cool down the bean and clean the finished product for the second time.

MTPS Series Lupin Beans Peeling Machine is one of the grain peeling machine types and has the air draft dedusting system, which ensures the best sanitation condition. YTPS-25B Lupin Beans Peeling Machine connects with highly efficient air indraft system, which ensures reliability of bean bran discharging. It has strong cooling system so as to ensure high sanitation standard.

MTPS series highland barley peeling machine is one of the grain peeling machine types and the newly designed peeling equipment based on wide market research, customers’ opinion and various highland barley peeling machines advantages. MTPS series highland barley peeling machine is designed after repeated trials. It is used as the supporting equipment in highland barley processing technology or as the single equipment.
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