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In China
In China, it is less common to say 'I love you' as a way of expressing love for someone else. Instead, more informal phrases such as 'wo xihuan ni' (which translates into 'I like you') tend to be used. In Chinese the word 'ai' is commonly used to illustrate the concept of love. This can be used as both a verb, when saying I love you, or as a noun, when talking about love.
In terms of actions, love is very much a universal concept and can be demonstrated in China just as it is in any other part of the world. This could be with kind words, romantic gestures or hugs and kisses. That said, the Chinese people are not fond of displays of public affection, particularly those of the older generation.
In Spain
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Ways To Show Love In Spain

• To show love in Spain, learn to play a romantic song on the guitar, in the signature Spanish style, and serenade your lover with an unforgettable tune. Spanish guitars are beautifully-crafted, and produce a unique and beautiful sound. The classical and modern guitarists of Spain create exceptional rhythms and melodies that often quite wistful, romantic, and filled with longing. Express your love in Spain by making music that tugs at the heartstrings.
• Another unforgettable way to express love in Spain is through poetry; learning a little bit of the Spanish language (if you don't know it already) will go a long way. Key phrases, such as "amor" (which means love), can be used in your romantic poem. The word amado means sweetheart, so that will also be a good word to use in a poem. Simple sentiments and images are fine, as long as the emotion behind them is sincere. Poetry is a traditional way to woo a lover...this strategy has been used in Spain for centuries..

Ways to show love

If you mean romantic love then it is expressed very much in the same way as in the rest of the world, by signs of affection, hugging, kissing, or holding hands. Writing love messages or letters. Giving presents or tokens of affection. Sending flowers. Treating the loved ones with surprises, paying attention to their needs and preferences and showing them special regard.
If you mean general love then it is the time spent, the sacrifices made, the help given freely, the tolerance, the consideration, the forgiveness, the selflessness and the generosity shown to the persons you love. "_

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