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The name is derived from a winged Greek goddess.
“Swoosh” logo is designed by Caroline Davidson.
Is now one of the worlds top shoemaker and that captures more than 20% of Us athletic market.
Originaly the name was given by Phil was “Blue Ribbon Sports”.
With an agreement and handshake in 1964 they began importing Japanese brand Onituka Tiger running shoes.

Sells from Nike product
 Running
 Basketball
 Soccer
 Sport-inspired urban shoes
 Children’s shoes
 Cricket
Performance Equipment:
 Bags
 Socks
 Sport balls
 Eyewear
 Timepieces
 Electronic Devices
 Bats
 Gloves
 Protective Equipment
 Apparels and Accessories
 Athletic ...view middle of the document...

B. Innovate
C. Focus
D. Connect
E. Care
 Creating customers recognition and brand loyalty
 Creating long term shareholders value
 Keeping the nike “swoosh” consistent
 Performance minded
 Direct: adidas, fila,puma,reebok etc….
 Indirect: non athletic footwear branda, crocs,k-wiss,converse,sketchers,timberland

Nike as taken the advantage of digital marketing like no other company.it use world wide web to represent their new products,athlete products lines and advertising to increase consumer sales.” For this nike need to continue to capture the consumer and stay for the competition nike needs to grow”. Nike’s new way of digital marketing will create opportunities for the company to overwhlem the competition.
Nike has a product line of over 40,000 items.
The changes is the internet and marketing will improve the overall marketing of its products and sites on www. New tools in the internet marketing field get developed on the daily basis to create the next best marketing and advertising invention.nike must stay on track with those innovations in order not to get overtaken by the competition. Nike has to consentreat on social networks like facebook,twitter,youtube for which must of the people spending their valluble time on this sites.
Nike keeps implementing or introducing new designs .the main adventage of the internet marketing for nike helps the consumers to get the products before thet it comes to the store . Thet way customers get its shoes qicker and do not spen time in long lines for nike’s new product.
First option to the consumers or people consists of a number of languages. Nike operates globally and tries to keep...

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