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About Taxation Essay

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Definition of Tax :
The term Taxation or Tax is comes from Latin word "Taxatio" which means "Payable Quantam an Estimate". Tax is a compulsory levy upon a person.
According to Taylor, taxes are the compulsory payments to the Govt. without expectation of direct benefit to the tax payer. So we can Say that, tax is an amount of money that compulsory pay to the Govt. It is the expense of the assesses. On the other hand it is the revenue of the Govt.In every country about 80% of total Govt. revenue comes from Tax.
Characteristics of Tax :
i) It is a compulsory levy under taxing act.
ii) Tax payer can't get benefited direct or quid qua pro (proportionally get benefited) service for payment of tax
iii) It is a price that pay to the Govt. for living in a civilized society
iv) It must be a fixed rate
v) It is the way for utility ...view middle of the document...

Assessee is the person on whom tax is levied to pay to the Govt.
According to income tax ordinance 1984, under section 2(7) - Assessee means a person by whom any tax or other sum of money is payable under this ordinance and includes -
a) Person against whom income tax case.
b) Person who is required to file income tax return.
c) Person who desires to be assessed and submit his/her income tax return.
d) Person who is deemed to be an assessee.

Physical Status of Assessee :
There are seven types of physical status of assessee that are following-
i) An individual (Ind.)
ii) A firm (partnership)
iii) An association of persons (AOP)
iv) A Hindu Undivided Family (HUF)
v) A Local Authority (LA)
vi) A Company (Co.)
vii) Other artificial person as defined in ITO

Assessment Year :
Assessment year means Tax year.
According to section 2(9) of IT ordinance,1984 -assessment year means that period of twelve months commencing on the first day of July every year.

Income tax Authorities :
The income tax authorities may be classified in the following groups :

Income Tax Authorities

Judicial Authorities

Appellate Tribunal

Administrative Authorities

On the Basis of Base

On the Basis of Progression

On the Basis of Incidence



Multiple Taxes

Single Tax



Indirect Tax

Direct Tax

Appellate Additional Commissioner of taxes

Appellate joint Commissioner

Commissioner of Taxes


Direct General

Commissioner of Taxes

Additional Commissioner of Taxes

Joint Commissioner of Taxes

Deputy Commissioner of taxes

Tax recovery officer

Assistant commissioner of Tax

Extra assistant commissioner of Tax

Inspector of Taxes

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