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With the rapid advancement of technology mass media in society has been influenced and shaped by it. This has influence in such a way that our daily day life are some how affected by this merging of mass media and technology. This influence that it exerts has shaped American values and the way in which we view them. Neil Postman, Newcomb and Hirsch wrote two essays, which agree and oppose to this statement respectively.After reading and analyzing the two of them I realize it was very hard to compare them because they address two different themes. The two of them influence my way of thinking on the subject and arouse my interest. From both I gathered the positive and negative aspects as a ...view middle of the document...

Paul and Jenny Lindsay agree with Postamn by stating that; "passivity in the midst of evil, is Sin". Television (both what is considered acceptable, and unacceptable) makes us "passive watchers". Even if an individual refrains from watching what they believe is unacceptable, they still "justify" watching television for the "News", and also the so-called "Nature Shows". As we have witnessed against television for these last 7 years, we have discovered that these 2 reasons are given to "keep" television in the homes. Anyone who makes a study of what is called "the Public Mind", will see how our "News" sources are just another "tool" in the hands of the prince of darkness to manipulate Society and change moral values. I hope that you will sincerely study this matter and prove to yourself what I am saying about "the Public Mind" - it is one of the greatest "sciences" at work in our world today - especially in our American Culture." (Www.almenconi.com)I agree with this essay in various points; the mass media is the greatest power in America. It reaches every home and it constantly working 24 hours. It forms and controls the mind of every human being in a certain degree; young, old, rich and poor. It gives us an illustration of how we should see the world by telling us what exactly to think. If you think about it our opinions and beliefs come directly from magazines, newspaper and especially television. The ways in which the news are covered, how the reporter speaks, the words he uses, the clothing all of it are things that influence the way we understand what we observe and perceive. Producers use carefully emotional and psychological methods so that we like what we see, such things as the beautiful people and the smart money. Through the programs they establish for us the attitude we should take towards the different people and how we should behave. I strongly disagree in one main point; that is all entertainment. I do believe is all done through entertainment but underneath the entertainment there is a lesson given to us and if we know how to perceive the information we are learning and thinking. For example when we see a the news we see the beautiful people and all that but we also are seeing what's happening in the world.Professors Horace Newcomb and Paul M. Hirsch are the authors of "Television as a Cultural Forum." Television in this essay is seen in two specific ways; as a communicator device and as an expressive medium. A communicator device transmits messages directly. An expressive medium conveys different cultures and believes through storytelling. Carey defines communication, "as a symbolic process whereby reality is produced, maintained, repaired, and transformed." (Carey, 10) By this he means that when we see a program we are learning and absorbing material that is useful to us. A cultural forum makes people think, analyze and at the same time learn. The vast majority of programs are based on real life stories because we like to see how...

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