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About The Throne Speech In Canada (Govt.)

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The term Speech from the Throne in Canada refers to the speeches that open sessions of parliament on an annual basis at both provincial and federal levels. At the provincial level, the Speech from the Throne is delivered by each province's respective Lieutenant Governor. "Some throne speeches have grand visions, others are devoted to serious legislative house cleaning, but all are written to make the governing party look as good as possible" 1. This paper outlines and compares the Speech(es) from the Throne for the provinces of Alberta, Ontario and Manitoba for the parliamentary year of 2006. All three provinces, chosen for the purpose of this paper, have different governing parties; ...view middle of the document...

This speech belongs to them. 3Besides the noticeable difference in the tone of voice, the three speeches tackled the same issues that affect Canadians across all three provinces. For the ease of objective comparisons, important categories from the Speech(es) given by the Governors have been categorized as:* Education and Youth Affairs* Healthcare* Economy* Civic Duties (which includes the following: Infrastructure, Crime, Regional Development, Labour Reforms)Education and Youth AffairsAlbertan and Ontarian speeches address education as the first issue to discuss whilst Manitoba doesn't approach it until the middle of the speech after health care has been discussed. The following table illustrates the similarities and dissimilarities between the three speeches with respect to issues pertaining to Education and Youth Affairs:Table 1: Education and Youth AffairsGoalAlberta2 Manitoba4 Ontario3Importance of high school education and plans to retain the youth in schoolsYes Yes YesDevelopment of Post Secondary ProgramsYes Yes YesIntroduction of new apprenticeship programs to create skilled workforceYes Yes YesInvestment of more money into high school as well as post secondary educationYes No YesPrograms concerning an increase in education among the Aboriginals, the disabled and the financially disadvantagedYes Yes YesExpansion of immigrant settlement services and language trainingYes No NoQuality Child Care for working families No Yes YesMaking the existing educational system more approachable to its students and encourage experiential learningYes Yes YesAs indicated in the table above, all three provinces set similar goals in the field of education for the upcoming year. Albertan approach, however, varies from Manitoba and Ontario in that it doesn't support its ideas by strong planning. Alberta has strong ideas like investment of $3-billion into post-secondary education, increasing the number of apprenticeship programs and creation of a new Centre for Chinese Studies at the University of Alberta but the speech does not outline how these projects would be carried out. On the other hand, Manitoba and Ontario cater to that limitation by delving into details with their plans for the projects that they list as upcoming. For example, when talking about retention of students in high school, Albertan speech skirts the issue by suggesting that "a series of roundtables, with youth from across the province, will be held to help us better understand why students leave school early" 2 but Ontario has a step by step plan of how it plans to take care of the matter3:* Ontario won't give up on its youth. 3* Instead, your government will challenge and engage young Ontarians by making learning more relevant to them. 3* Your government will introduce an alternative secondary school diploma, one that gives prominence to the ability to develop a skill or trade. 3* This diploma will set a different standard -- not a lower one. 3* The hiring of 1,300 new high school teachers...

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