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Abraham Lincoln Essay

742 words - 3 pages

Johnny Fifles
2009, 8 October, Thor’s Day
English 1010
Causal Analysis
Final Draft
Abraham Lincoln was the U.S. President, and the very first to be assassinated while in
office. He was shot from behind on Friday, April 14, 1865, by John Wilkes Booth, a
Southerner sympathizer, in the Ford Theater in Washington, D.C. at the presence of
Lincoln’s wife, Mary Todd Lincoln.
What was behind it? Lincoln made some enemies from the South through the
Emancipation Proclamation. It declared all slaves owned by the Confederate States of
America to be free because none of the Confederate States returned to the Union on
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Booth ran into a warehouse after he killed Lincoln and was later
killed when Union troops tried to capture him. Worse yet, the Reconstruction process
was slower that Lincoln had thought it would go. If Lincoln were still alive, the
Reconstruction process would go much quicker. Then, the Southern states would have
had a full pardon for all their war crimes. In other words, the Civil War between the
Northern and Southern United States of America would have ended sooner.
Unfortunately, the Civil War and Reconstruction were prolonged because Lincoln was
assassinated at the Ford Theater.
Lincoln’s wife and sons were devasted by his assassination. Mary Todd Lincoln was
widowed, and their sons did not name any of their children “Abraham” after the late
President. An exception was Abraham’s grandson, Abraham “Jack” Lincoln II, the only
son of Robert Todd Lincoln, who died of blood poisoning.
Most Northerners hated the Southerners because Lincoln died at the hands of a
Southerner sympathizer. At first, many disapproved of Lincoln’s actions as President,
but when news of Lincoln’s murder emerged, they joined mobs who tarred and
feathered some Southerner sympathizers, tied others to railroad tracks, and beat most
of them to death without mercy, without remorse, or without...

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