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Abraham Lincoln: An American Hero Essay

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Adam Smith
English I
Miss Henson
2 February 2011
Abraham Lincoln: An American Hero
Abraham Lincoln, also known as “Honest Abe,” is one of the most famous and well known heroes and presidents the world has ever known. It all began where he grew up in Hodgenville, Kentucky in a cabin in the woods. His father, Thomas Lincoln, was a pioneer, and his mother, Nancy Lincoln, raised Abe and his sister, Sarah. However, in December of 1816, his family lost their Kentucky home in a lawsuit and moved to southwestern Indiana where a tent was their shelter until they were able to build a log house. His family lived in abject poverty, and Lincoln shared chores with his sister and helped to take ...view middle of the document...

After this attack, Lincoln recognized a relative weakness of his, military strategizing, and took the initiative to start reading books about military strategy and warfare (McPherson 5). He subsequently doubled the size of the Union army and navy by calling on volunteers to fight in the war (Boritt 260). In addition, he used black troops, who were treated poorly by their fellow white soldiers, but who nonetheless added to the North’s military strength. As the war progressed, Lincoln still had to address the fact his commanders were not leading effectively or as he wished.
In order to have a fast-moving military offensive, Lincoln had to hire and fire many commanders until he finally settled on Ulysses S. Grant as his general. Grant used Lincoln’s strategy of offense which was to fight the enemy on every front and, by 1864, Grant had eroded the resources of the south (Mc Pherson 6; Boritt 260). Overall, Lincoln “combined statecraft and the overall direction of armies with an effectiveness that increased year by year” (Current 8). Lincoln’s efficiency in decision-making and his choice of Grant to command the Union army made all of the difference. Lincoln’s leadership throughout the civil war truly defines him as a hero to the United States of America.
Lincoln always stressed the fact that the Union army had to prevail. This belief was one of Lincoln’s main motives for engaging the Confederacy in war. Without the preservation of the Union, Lincoln believed the United States would no longer be a free country and the states would no longer be united as one nation. Initially, Lincoln said he would do whatever it took to save the Union, whether that meant maintaining slavery, freeing only a portion of slaves, or eliminating slavery. However, as Lincoln came to appreciate the degree of anti-slavery sentiment present in the North, he made the abolition of slavery a priority of his presidency (Current 9). Explain what about this makes him heroic…elaborate-mention the union
The emancipation of slavery had been an evolving goal of Lincoln’s throughout his life. When Lincoln was young, he and his friend rode a boat down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers and he saw many slaves being sold...

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