Abraham Lincoln Gay? Essay

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Unit Four: 1450 to 1750 CE
“The Early Modern Period”

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This packet will guide you through the fourth unit in AP World History and prepare you for the reading quizzes, vocabulary quizzes, essays, and the unit test on January ___, 2010

You must complete ALL of the pages in the workbook by yourself to get credit; incomplete or incorrect work will result in a zero for the whole packet.
Unit 4 Vocabulary Terms

Quiz #1

1. Scientific Revolution (p. 410)
2. heliocentrism (p. 410)
3. sacrament (p. 396)
4. Renaissance (p. 405)
5. bourgeoisie (p. 413) ...view middle of the document...

Draw an outline map of the world from your memory (that’s called a mental map)
2. Place the following items in the hemisphere of their origin:

a. Eastern Hemisphere
i. cows
ii. sheep
iii. pigs
iv. horses
v. wheat
vi. rice
vii. cotton
viii. silk
ix. sugar
x. coffee
xi. measles
xii. small pox
xiii. chicken pox
xiv. influenza
xv. bubonic plague

b. Western Hemisphere
i. turkey
ii. llama
iii. tobacco
iv. chocolate (cacao)
v. corn (maize)
vi. squash
vii. beans
viii. chilies
ix. potatoes
x. tomatoes

3. Draw lines showing where the items went (they all should travel to the other hemisphere, except for llamas).

4. Write a thesis statement explaining the major causes of the changes and continuities that resulted from the Columbian Exchange


Use the map above to compare the effects of the Columbian Exchange in Africa and the Americas. Be sure to include the effects on involuntary migrants from Africa. You can use the categories of political, economic, social, environmental, and/or cultural to guide you in categorizing the effects of the Columbian Exchange on these two regions.

|Unique Effects on Native Americans |Similar Effects on Native Americans and Africans |Unique Effects on Africans |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| ...

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