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The line of argument for Dennis Foster’s paper is to proffer a theoretical explanation first quoting from Lacan, Freud, or Zizek. Next he analyzes characters in Dracula to build arguments. He started his analysis by giving a simple idea, which everyone has experienced: people are afraid of things but at the same time are eager to find out the truth lie beneath. Using Freud’s concept of repression of ego vs. id, he interprets this phenomenon as our own desire wrestling with the consciousness. At the end of his paper, he uses the same way which he tries not only to apply the theory to anatomize the text but also to relate to the society. The analysis consists of three parts: the first the oral impulse based on Freud’s the three stages of an infant. The second one is “child verses adult” which is seemingly a Lacanian theory. The last ...view middle of the document...

However, Foster explains that with the substitution of oral impulse, one would not be happy as a child being satisfied because “the loss something from childhood” is still inside one’s mind. Lucy is the example of both being a child and a mother who summon children to suck and to be “sucked” by Dracula. Mina is also sucked by Dracula, who becomes a mother to her as she acts like a child. This comparison leads to the second theme: Dracula is the mother to the girls but a child in contrast with Van Helsing who behaves as a mature intelligent adult doing thing fairly and with justice. He goes on to discuss the point about the child’s pleasure which is gained by not knowing that death will eventually come. Death makes us scared to pursue as a kid and the loss during maturation leaves us with a desire that can never fulfilled even if sexual consummation is only tentative pleasure. Dracula, on the other hand, remains in a childhood state and immortality like DNA which is the only thing that is immortal in human. He then shifts to the third point that Van Helsing is the “good” Father who justifies the destroying-vampire action as a right thing to do whereas Dracula is the “evil” Father who urges people to attain the full enjoyment.
There are some questions I want to raise. First: does Dracula know about the way which man could kill vampires? I think he is aware of it because he is running away and turning back to Europe while Van Helsing and others plan to kill him. Therefore, whether Dracula is “immortal” and “childlike,” not knowing about death, is in suspension. About interpretation of Dracula in this essay, I think Foster needs to point out more evidence to prove it. The second one is about Mina’s relationship with Dracula. In Foster’s elaboration, he seems to have the idea that Mina “enjoys” being one of Dracula’s “baby” while sucking his blood. However, in my reading, I didn’t find any pleasure in her while she is sucking or after in the text. On what base does she get this point?

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