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Project Management

Abu Dhabi Vision 2030

Table of Content:

Table of Content: 2
Executive Summary 2
The history of the company over time 4
A general overview of the whole company and selected project 5
Apply the Project Management characteristics 8
Project Definition 16
Project Time and Costs Estimation 20
Project Plan Development 21
Risk Management 22
Resources Scheduling 23
Project Audit and Closure 24
Conclusion 27
References 28

Executive Summary

Abu Dhabi Council established the vision of 2030 for the development of the capital. They have formulated complete strategies to ensure the establishment of a whole new structure that will ...view middle of the document...

The history of the company over time

Back from 10 years ago, many parts of the world did not hear about Abu Dhabi and where Abu Dhabi is in, but recently has emerged as they have stated ‘one to watch’. They wanted to do something new, something extraordinary, developing of a whole new structure to build a brighter future that will be sustainable for the long run, so Abu Dhabi urban planning council developed a plan called ‘Abu Dhabi 2030’ to improve the development of the city through well-defined program of urban progress, and in order to provide a successful infrastructure of this massive plan, they are organizing, planning ahead of time to promote the vision they are seeing. The plan of 2030 was launched in 2005, and the agency was set up in late 2007.

The Executive Council is chaired by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Force, and internally by HE Falah Al Ahbabi, general manager of UPC.
The board involves the government and the private sector, representatives from:
* Department of Economic Development (DED)
* The Abu Dhabi Chamber of commerce and industry (ADCCI)
* Foreign and domestic business councils

It is a huge project plan that will take time of quarter of century timeline; therefore, Urban-planning council (UPC) will be the one who takes the responsibility of putting the plan into action that will be providing full awareness and guidance of the project, the project will benefit the whole city, it is expected that number of the tourist will increase and number of immigrants probably will also increase.
The plan will be taking place mainly in Abu Dhabi, Algharbia and Al Ain, analyses of cultural, social and the economical life in United Arab of Emirates were also directed to the workshops to guide and interfere in the community development, which will deliver a trust among all and adds harmony in the City. And it will also help in delivering new ideas that will be satisfying the most, which is desired to build a better life.

A general overview of the whole company and selected project

Abu Dhabi 2030 is the UAE capital, the plan is determined and organized to ensure that the emirate is moving toward a modern, blossoming city to live in and have fun with a very comfortable environment and work in a clear atmosphere that will near the place of their living and houses in the future, as its population is now growing to 3 million, we can say that there are a numeral of central components to the plan and they involve; the efficient transport and urban planning (infrastructure), re-identifying of importance of the tourism offices and number of them , air travel, real estate, education and culture that will be built on environment sustainability.

Global Competitiveness in other words is called competing globally, for the vision of 2030 the competences will be high, because this refers to the ability of a country (or firm) to...

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