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Academic Performance Related To Study Habits

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Chapter II
Review of Related Literatures and Studies
This chapter reviews recent facts taken from various reading materials that support our study on the academic performances of students in relation to their study habits.

Related Literature
In Dorothy E. Jhonson’s Behavioral System Model, she stated that a behavioral system encompasses the patterned, repetitive, and purposeful ways of behaving. These ways of behaving form an organized and integrated functional unit that determines and limits the interaction between the personand his or her environment and establishes the relationship of the person to the objects, events, and situations within his or her environment. Usually the ...view middle of the document...

Scores on traditional study habit and attitude inventories are the most predictive of performance, whereas scores on inventories based on the popular depth-of-processing perspective are shown to be least predictive of the examined criteria. Overall, study habit and skill measures improve prediction of academic performance more than any other no cognitive individual difference variable examined to date and should be regarded as the third pillar of academic success. This study emphasizes the need of acquiring good study habits for better academic performance.
According to (2009), students who are very successful in their desired career have good study habits. It is stated in the website that students apply these habits to all of their classes. The website also recommends some tips in improving study habits.
The first habit is to try not to do too much studying at one time. If a student tries to study all his subjects at one time, he may tire himself and his study may not be that effective. It is always helpful to take breaks thus, restoring your energy. Another habit is to plan specific time for studying. Taking into consideration that your studies are part of your daily tasks makes it as an obligation and therefore it has to be part of your daily plan. According to the same website, if a student thinks that to study is his job and that if he won’t study for a day he’ll be fired out, then the completion of the plan to study everyday becomes a serious matter. Aside from planning for specific times for studying, it is also said in the website that to try to study at the same times each day is an important habit for a student to practice. This makes studying a regular part of a student’s life like eating, sleeping and others that are usually done everyday. Doing so also makes a student mentally prepared if the planned time of studying comes up in the day.
In every endeavor, as they say, there must be a goal. Even in studying, it is also important for a student to set specific goals for their study times. This habit helps a student maintain his focus on his studies and to the goal he wants to achieve, and so, a student’s has to be very clear on the things he wants to accomplish during his study times. And if plan are set, then a student must start studying when planned. It is very common to students to delay their plans to start studying or “procrastination”. It is explained in the website that if a student tries to procrastinate for any reason, he will find it difficult to get everything done on time. This leads to rushing things up which may result to erroneous work.
Work on assignments you find most difficult first – the sixth habit on the list. Since the most difficult assignment requires more energy, it best to do it while you still have much mental energy. Reserving the hardest part of the assignment will lead to neglection and an unfinished assignment. Before an assignment it’s to be done, a student must review his...

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