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Academic Success Essay

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Continued Academic Success
Nakesha Kincaid
October 5, 2015
Instructor: Lisa Henriksen
Continued Academic Success

Philip Zimbardo, a Psychologist, once said, “Academic success depends on research and publications”. For some, research is not an easy thing to do. Many may struggle with keeping up with the task at hand. As for publications, it all depends on what you like to read or what sparks an interest to make you want to learn. Even though one may get discouraged, academic success can be reached in different ways.

One way of reaching academic success is making goals for yourself. When we make goals for ourselves, they propel us forward by giving one something ...view middle of the document...

Knowing how to write and the writing process properly builds a student’s confidence. It also prepares you for your future career. Some places actually go by your punctuation or misspelling of words as to whether they want to hire you. Other places won’t hire you if you can’t hold a decent and respectable conversation, and in order for one to know how to talk, he must also know how to properly write. If you had to do a presentation or a power point for your colleges, it would be a good thing to know how to prepare research and to edit out things they may be wrong or biased. You would also need to know how to properly cite your work in case someone needs to do their own research, and to keep you from plagiarizing someone else work. These are all important steps in the writing process.

Thirdly, one more way to ensure academic success, is by having ethics play a part in your everyday life. Ethics are a complex of precepts held or rules of conduct followed by an individual. They are the standards on which we base right or wrong, good or bad. Ethics play an important role in academic success. If you choose to do the right thing at school or at work, those are showing good ethical skills, but if you choose to steal, plagiarize, not give others a chance to say how they feel or let everyone give their perception of a subject, are all bad signs of ethical skills. In figuring out my most valuable ethical skill, our Ethical lens assignment showed that Rights and Responsibility where my most valuable ethical skill. My core values where autonomy and rationality. All these different skills will help me make better decisions, because I not only think of myself, but I also think about the well-being of others. That can help me educationally by knowing how to respect my classmates opinions and not disregarding what they say or how they feel. It can also help in my career by helping me to help others. Seeing someone’s point of view and understanding how they feel or what they are going through is a major part of being a substance counselor.

Even more importantly, Critical thinking is a major part of improving academic success. When critically thinking, one must be open to all information. Having a biased opinion on a topic is only knowing the side of the truth that you mostly believe in, but when you critically think, you should be open to all sides of the truth and not your own. Being biased can hinder your learning. You should always question your assumptions. Questions lead to answers, and those answers lead to more questions. Maybe you wasn’t correct to say “sunflowers bloom only in Mississippi”. After doing research and finding out that they actually bloom in all 50 states, Central America, Canada and Northern Mexico. Knowing those facts may lead to other questions. After questioning, it’s always good to investigate your own information or the information of others. Don’t rely on hearsay or opinions when you can do the research for yourself...

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