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Accenture Case Study

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Case Study:
Strategic IT Transformation at

An introduction to Accenture
• Accenture today is a multinational management
consulting, technology services, and outsourcing
• Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland
• World’s Largest IT Consulting firm by revenue
• In 2014, reported net revenue of 30 billion
• 305,000 employees world wide
• Servicing clients in more than 200 cities and 56

History of Accenture
• Started out as Andersen Consulting a division
of the accounting firm Arthur Andersen.
• In 2001 Andersen Consulting split away from
its parent company and became Accenture.
• To support its launch, Accenture had the right
to use Andersen’s Technology infrastructure
for one year.

Problems with the Old IT
• Andersen’s systems were composed of a
patchwork of legacy applications that did not
• Key systems and Databases could ...view middle of the document...

Changing the approach to IT
• IT products and services would be determined
by the needs of the internal customers and
stakeholders, rather than by IT engineers.
• Verifiable Service levels for each IT product
and service would be offered.
• IT spending priorities would be determined by
a Steering committee made of C-level

A Enterprise Approach to IT
• Accenture desired to create a high level of
standardization and integration between
business units.
• They had to find a way to integrated all of
their financial management, one that would
meet GAAP standards and other compliance
and regulatory requirements because they
were a public company.

Standardizing the Platforms used for IT
and the Business
• Microsoft was chosen as the standard for
back-end IT operations, and provide basic
communications and productivity
• SAP chosen as its worldwide application
provider for financial and human resources

• Accenture was born just after the dot-com
bubble burst.
• Executives had intense pressure to cut costs at all
levels, including IT.
• The fundamental initiative to reduce IT cost was
• Began a migration of IT staff from mainly the US
and Europe to lower-cost regions such as India,
Southeast Asia, (China, Philippines), and Latin

• Tasks were divided into Processes that:
– Provided a differentiating competitive core
– Involved highly confidential information
– Involved tasks that were repetitive

• This made decisions about what to outsource
• Rote IT tasks were then outsourced

Datacenter management
Hardware maintenance
Also development of IT applications

IT Transformation


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