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Computer Tech EssayI am interested in this program because I have a strong interest in computers and wish to associate computers into my career beyond high school.After high school I plan to go to college and major in some form of computer science. I feel that the Tech Prep Computer program can make this process much easier for me as it can educate me on the aspects of computers that I have limited knowledge in. I have approximately 5 years of experience with Microsoft Windows and approximately 7 ...view middle of the document...

86 for my sophomore year, which includes both of the first quarters and midterms. My strongest subjects are Math and Science. I am currently taking 2 math classes, which include Academic Geometry and Academic Algebra II, and I currently have an A+ in both. I also am maintaining an A+ in Academic Chemistry, Academic World Cultures, and I am also taking Computer Programming I, where I am also averaging approximately a 95 percent. My weakness in school is English, but I am managing to average an 89.6% through midterms.Some of my personal strengths are my talents with music and athletics. I have a strong ability to play musical instruments and a strong athletic ability to play most sports. I am currently playing my third year of ice hockey for a team in Frederick Maryland. I also play golf, baseball, and I also achieved the Academic Physical Fitness Award last year and I will attempt to achieve that award again this year.I hope that I will be accepted into the Computer Tech Program, as it will help me in my goal to gain knowledge in the aspects of computers where I am limited, and it will help me make computers part of my future career.

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