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Access Denied: Curbing Easy Access to Mature and Illegal Internet Sites
Over the years countless crimes have been committed simply through use of the internet; crimes such as child trafficking and child pornography. These crimes have been easily committed and effortlessly hidden due to the availability of uncensored and unprotected websites. Not only do unrestricted websites allow for crimes to be committed, they also permit underage viewing of pornography and other adult materials. These problems could be eliminated through locks on sites, fees on pornography and tags for monitoring on child trafficking sites. Also all “home-made” websites should be viewed and approved by the ...view middle of the document...

In a report released by the Miami Herald, it was shown that the Justice Department prosecuted 1,638 child molesters last year alone and in South Florida indicted 60 suspects within the last month. (Weaver) Some stories of child molestation include; Jimmy Walker, 55, who was charged with two counts of child pornography when he was busted sending pornographic pictures of two girls, one who was eight, through internet chat rooms. (Weaver) Another charge a Miami weatherman, Bill Kamal, was caught enticing a 14 year boy for sexual favors through the internet, when Kamal went to meet the boy, the police arrested him instead.(Weaver) Also, a report by the Philadelphia Inquirer show that over 12.3 million people, mainly children, are trapped inside modern slavery bonds die to human trafficking through the internet.(Philips) These modern slavery task range from kidnapping people to become up to trading humans, mainly women and children, for sex.(Philips) On a whole the easily accessed internet has ruined the lives of many children and their families through the use of child pornography and human trafficking.
Ways to the Solve the Problem
Harmless, innocent children and their families’ lives are wrecked die to the senseless act of child molestation and human trafficking over the internet. Countless children are being kidnapped and taken out of their homes to be sent into human bondage or are being pushed to perform sexual acts are take sexual pictured. This alone puts a physiological effect on the child and can cause them to be socially and mentally underdeveloped. In order to stop this outbreak of endless internet crime large measures have been taken. Undercover police are now setting themselves up in chat rooms and posing as children in order to woo sex offenders. Also pornography websites are now being banned or having charges set up in order to access and all the while being monitored by special set ups.(Weaver) To put a stop to human trafficking borders are under stronger patrol, fines are being put into place, laws are being passed, and advocating for the cause is taking place in the United Nations.(Philips) This problem cannot be solved alone or just in the...

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