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Accidents At Home Essay

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Accidents at HomeHave you ever thought about the severe and drastic consequences when you leave sharp knifes lying about on the floor? Everyone in school should be aware of the dangers in the home so that accidents can be avoided.Safety is really very important anywhere, be it in our school or at your home. Quoting from someone anonymous: “Don't learn safety rules simply by accident,” we must take necessary precautions in order to prevent major injuries, not only after someone has got severely injured.Accidents that usually happen at home can range from the minor ones like small cuts or ...view middle of the document...

The employer might not have explained safety measures to take to the domestic worker, hence resulting in the accident happening. If everyone in the family could play their part, accidents would be lessened in the home.Any safety article would not be complete without some safety measures to take to prevent accidents at home. Firstly, what the employer can do is to educate your domestic worker on safety in the home. Secondly, everyone in the family should learn how to live safely at home. You and your family could start by searching websites for such information.Last but not least are some tips on what to do in the event of an accident at home.Firstly, try to assess the situation. Is he bleeding very badly? Or is he choking on something?Secondly, scan for any objects nearby that can harm you. Are there glass shards around in the vicinity that can cut you?Third, look for a professional first-aide. Do not attempt to try to heal the wound. You may end up harming the casualty even more.Fourth, try to control the accident. This is the final choice if there is really no one nearby. If it is a cut, try to stop the bleeding by applying pressure on the wound.Fifth, call for help. If you cannot manage, ask anyone to help you. However, if the bleeding, for example, persists, call an ambulance!I hope this article is useful to you and always remember this quote: “Prevention is better than cure.”

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