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Accomplishments Of President Kennedy And President Johnson

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Accomplishments of President Kennedy and President Johnson

HIS 145
August 8, 2013

Accomplishments of President Kennedy and President Johnson
Throughout the history of American, there have been some presidents that have left a legacy and some who have left a blemish. If one were to ask any teenage child if one knew about John F. Kennedy they will say yes. They may not know much except that he was a president that was assonated. If the same teenagers were asked about Lyndon B. Johnson they may not know much except he is associated with the Vietnam War. According to History Learning Site (2000-2013), “Hey! Hey! LBJ! How many kids did you kill ...view middle of the document...

It is believed that this was one of the major contributing factors in Kennedy’s presidential victory of Richard Nixon.
While in office, one of the first things President Kennedy did was established the Peace Corps. This is one of his most notable and longest lasting accomplishments. Even today the Peace Corps is still sending American volunteers around the world to help those in need. Kennedy was also responsible for the Space Program that started in 1961. He was pushing to put a man on the moon. His never got to see his dreams of the American’s landing on the moon, however. This goal was not accomplished until six years after his assentation. Also in 1961 the Kennedy administration would pass the Passage of the Area Redevelopment Act and the Housing Act. With his Area Redevelopment Act the government would provide funds for the rural American schools, roads, and bridges. The Housing Act would provide funds to build low income housing for those in need in urban America.
The Kennedy administration pushed for the “New Frontier,” and with this they were trying to help fix the issues with poverty as well as civil rights. While in office John F. Kennedy could increase the minimum wage as well as give better social security benefits. President Kennedy also created a subcabinet group for the White House specifically to deal with interracial problems. He not only held meetings with Congress but also with; Governors, Mayors, business, and other leaders to address the civil rights issues. He appointed African Americans to high-level federal positions as well. Some of these included; the Housing Administration, Assistant Secretary of Labor, Postmaster of a major City (Los Angeles), US Attorneys, and also for the first time in history a Commander of a Navy combat ship. Though the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was not passed until 1965, two years after the assassination of Kennedy, he was a major contributor (John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, n.d.).
The Bay of Pigs invasion is one of the largest failures of the Kennedy Administration. After Fidel Castro took over in Cuba America was trying to figure out a way to push him out of power. In April 1961 America had an invasion of approximately 1,400 American-trained Cubans. Those Cubans trained by America were also ones who fled Cuba when Castro took over. However, the invasion did not go, according to plan, and they were extremely outnumbered by Castro’s Army. The troops America had sent in had to surrender fewer than 24 hours after it began. Castro allied himself with the Soviet Union and allowed them to have nuclear missiles 90 miles away from the coast of Florida. President Kennedy ordered a naval blockade around Cuba to show America was ready to use military force if necessary. With the news of this, many believed that the Cold War was about to turn into the nuclear war they were fearing. The Soviet Union, however, came to an agreement with...

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